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April 12, 2011

Anti Aging Medicines May Alter How Death Claims Life

Anti Aging Medicines
Image by Maciej Janiec via Flickr

Anti Aging Medicines Targeting The Mitochondria

A new set of drugs that are intended to defy physical and mental decline associated with aging may alter not just how we live, but how we die. These anti aging medicines focus on the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells that supply the body with chemical energy. Overtime, worn out mitochondria succumb to injury. This leads cells and tissues to stop working properly and conk out. A number of scientists are convinced that various age-related diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s share a common mitochondrial origin. They believe restoring mitochondria can treat these diseases and desist the aging process itself.

Anti Aging Medicines That Could Allow You A Swift Death

Initial studies involving mice indicate that medicines that pep up the mitochondria can stop these diseases and lengthen life span. The research also showed that the moment the animals have come to the end of their normal length of life, they are inclined to die quickly but the cause of death is difficult to identify. They die without any signs of disease or systemic collapse. If this system applies to humans, we would not have to endure months or years of suffering due to a terminal or degenerative disease. Death will instantly snatch away a loved one catching the family unaware.

Unclear Cause Of Death

It is not clear, however, how the mice died and the cause of their death. The studies did not actually discuss the specifics on the nature of death. Anti aging scientists also could not exactly describe this and finds it difficult to establish the certain cause of death. What they are sure of is that the mice that were subjects to their research have lesser chances of dying of cancer having shown no traces of lesions.

While this new form of anti aging medicines have not yet been tested among human beings being in the preliminary research, it is still uncertain whether or not they will have the same effect on all types of diseases related to the process of aging. Hopefully with further studies, the cause of death can also be established.

Anti Aging Medicines Could Get Rid of the Word “Dying”

It is said that death comes like a thief in the night, claiming life unexpectedly. But many deaths take place with some hints, usually in the form of diseases. This gives the dying and his family time to prepare and come to grips with his passing. But imagine the implications of anti aging medicines eliminating the portents of death to how we live. When the day these drugs actually make the word dying passe comes, that would be the day we really start to live life as if there is no tomorrow.

Anti aging medicines hold promise in stunting the process of aging and prolonging life. But we should not forget that besides fussing over how long we live life, we must also put importance on how we live life.

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