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It must be the love hormoneWelcome to jackomd180.com.  We are excited that you have taken the time to learn how to better your health.  We feel privileged that you have visited our website and thank you for the opportunity to allow us to help you achieve the level of health you always desired.

Most of us have wandered from the foundations of health.  The purpose of this website is to show you the steps – the steps you can take right now to optimize your health largely through better nutrition, exercise, and hormonal optimization while informing you of cutting-edge technologies on the horizon that might slow the aging process.

We provide an ongoing stream of current and relevant health information related to healthy aging.  We trust you will find the information engaging, pertinent to your circumstances, and occasionally humorous.

This is your website, too.  We welcome your comments and suggestions and will do our best to respond.  We invite you and your friends back each week as we post new information.

This website is really about healthy aging and healthy living. Through healthy living, you give yourself the best chance to live long while staying young longer – and getting the most from life.

By visiting this website you have taken an essential step towards optimal health – arming yourself with vital information that can be life-changing.  Take charge of your health by taking action now!

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Dr. Joe