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January 30, 2011

TA-65: Potentially the Best Anti Aging Supplement

TA-65 and DNA

What’s the Best Anti Aging Supplement?

TA-65 – have you heard of it?  TA-65 may very well be the best anti aging supplement currently available, and has the potential to revolutionize the field of health and wellness.   TA-65 is a nutraceutical, and therefore works on the whole body unlike anti-aging creams, and is made from the Chinese herb, Astragalus.

Why TA-65 is Revolutionary

Why is TA-65 the best anti aging supplement?  TA-65 addresses aging at its very core – the cellular level with the progressive shortening of telomeres.  Sounds very complicated, but it isn’t.  Telomeres are little caps of DNA at the ends of every chromosome in every cell in the body.  They are similar to the little plastic caps at the end of shoelaces.  And like those plastic caps that protect shoelaces, telomeres protect chromosomes during cell division.

Every time a cell divides, its telomeres become shorter.  And, that creates a problem.  Because once a telomere gets short enough, it can no longer protect the chromosome and that cell can no longer divide and simply becomes old or senescent.   A naturally occurring enzyme called telomerase protects and can actually increase telomere length, thereby improving the function and longevity of the cell.

How TA-65 Works

Guess what TA-65 does?  TA-65 activates telomerase.  In a double-blind placebo controlled study on humans, TA-65 was shown to improve immune function, vision, and male sexual performance, skin appearance, and increase energy and well-being (TA Sciences Pivotal 2005 Anti-Aging Trial). TA-65 works at the cellular level and does more to improve cell health. This means it has more to offer than other anti-aging products including skin creams, lotions, moisturizers and so on.

Is it Dangerous?

To date there have not been any reported adverse effects of TA-65, which has now been used in humans since 2005.  The biggest concern is theoretical and that is does TA-65 cause unwanted growth of unhealthy cells?  Unwanted growth of unhealthy cells does not appear to happen, perhaps because TA-65 strengthens the immune system, which may suppress overpopulation of unhealthy cells.


How Do I Get TA-65?

TA-65 was discovered by the Geron Corporation, a leading biopharmaceutical company and is licensed to TA Sciences for clinical application.  TA-65 costs $1200 to $4000 for a 6 month supply of the nutraceutical.  In addition, TA-65 is available only through physicians licensed by TA Sciences.  More detailed information about TA-65, pricing options, and finding of a TA Sciences licensed physician can be found on its website.

Are There Other Supplements to Improve Telomere Health?

Presently, TA-65 is the only and best anti aging supplement currently available to lengthen telomeres. However, other supplements have been shown to slow the rate of telomere shortening and include fish oil, vitamin D, acetyl-l-carnitine, berry extracts, N-acetylcysteine, coenzyme Q10, L-carnosine, phosphatidylserine, alpha-lipoic-acid, and even daily use of a multivitamin.

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