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August 9, 2011

Benefits of Making Your Own Anti Aging Skin Cream

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Are You Using an Anti Aging Skin Cream That Costs An Arm and A Leg?

The price of commercialized and sophisticatedly packaged “fountain of youth” can be astronomical. A jar or tube of anti aging skin cream can cost you more than $30. Usually, a jar may not suffice for a month or may only serve a particular body part, such as the face or the eyes.

This means that you may need to buy at least a few more if you want other parts covered, as well. Your spending for such products in a year could afford you a vacation somewhere. Plus, there are many anti aging creams out there – face cream, hand cream, eye cream.  Cream for the night and cream for the day.  It sure would be nice to save some money by making your own anti-ageing cream

You Can Make Your Own Anti Aging Skin Cream

As it happens, you can enjoy the same anti aging benefits by spending less, that is, if you make your own anti aging skin cream. Before you protest and say that you do not know how, and if you do, you do not have the time, think again. You can find recipes from the Internet, and you will be surprised at how simple most of these do-it-yourself creams to make, with ingredients that are easily available at your local health store and some even at the grocery store.

Why Make Your Own Anti Aging Skin Cream?

Costs Less Than Commercial Ones. We all know that the price of anti aging skin creams with glossy advertisements and luxurious packaging do not just involve the cost of its components and a little mark-up, but the exorbitant costs of marketing, as well. If you create your own cream, all you have to spend for is the ingredients. Hence, you can really make huge savings using a homemade cream.

Freshly Made. By making your own anti aging skin cream, you are always sure of its freshness and efficacy, since you are sure of when you made it and you can opt to produce just enough for a few days or weeks depending on the shelf life of components, and make another batch again when the previous one has been consumed.

This is to give the ingredients no time to decay. In contrast, commercialized beauty creams are often manufactured months or a few years ago, possibly rendering some of its ingredients spoiled as they react with air, water and other substances. Efficacy of the components diminish as they become decayed, worse, they can become harmful to your skin.

Customized Strength. One disadvantage of a number of beauty creams out in the market is that they do not contain anything that can derail skin aging, or if they do, the amount of active ingredients does not suffice to produce noticeable results. If you concoct your own cream, however, you have the free hand to add as much active ingredients as you see fit. You can even decide to add other active ingredients to the cream’s beneficial effects. Just make sure that the additional ingredient does not adversely react with the other ingredients.

Making Your Own Cream Is Duck Soup. You can conveniently buy a base cream appropriate for your product so that you eliminate the tedious task of combining inactive ingredients. The cream base is a very affordable cream that already contains the inactive ingredients. With a ready base cream, you can just incorporate the active ingredients which you have prepared.

The homemade anti aging skin cream is worth making at home because of the several benefits it offers that you may not find in many other skincare products sold in beauty and health stores.

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