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June 17, 2011

3 Ways To Tell If Your Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Really Works

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Does Your Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Really Work?

Through the ages, the quest to defy time and the process of aging continues. The beauty industry carries on researching, concocting, producing, marketing, profiting from anti aging wrinkle products that give hope to those who losing their youthful looks.

Many of these are mere false hopes and placebo effects. But with the plethora of products swamping the market, identifying the real thing from the sham can be difficult. Is your anti age defiance cream one of these snake oils? Find out here, but before that, let’s briefly take a look at how these products work?

How Anti Aging Wrinkle Creams Work?

Hydration. Some work by maintaining moisture beneath your top skin to keep skin hydrated. As a result skin is “lifted”, thus, reducing wrinkles.

3D Crystals. Another mechanism of action would be through the use of three-dimensional crystals that make wrinkles less visible by reflecting light. Anti aging wrinkle products with this action do not really address any of the causes of wrinkles. They are just like an optical illusion, the wrinkles are there but they trick the eyes.

Antioxidants. Age defying creams with the antioxidants fight free radicals such as pollution, UV rays of the sun, smoking, that hasten aging.

Collagen Stimulation. There are age defying creams that stimulate the production of collagen, a natural protein that helps rejuvenate skin but diminishes with age.

AHA and BHA. These are chemicals that reduce wrinkles and fine lines through microdermabrasion. A stronger version of this treatment would require the administration of a dermatologist while creams have milder effects.

The Acid Test For Your Anti Aging Wrinkle Product

1. Clinical Trials. Scientific research can help to establish not just the efficacy of a product, but as well as its safety. Studies also try to explain how a product works so that you can better understand it. So for those which has undergone these trials. Watch out for studies with results that are not significant.

2. The Before And After Picture Test. A common feature that beauty product ads showcase are pictures showing how a cream user looks before and after. However, with airbrush and photoshop available, practically anyone can alter any image according to one’s desire so this test can sometimes be unreliable. A better version of this test is by taking note of the appearance of someone you know before and after using a certain age defying product.

3. Try It Yourself Test. The best way to find out how effective a cream is in reducing wrinkles is by actually trying it on yourself. However, it would be expensive next to impossible to try every ware vended in the market. If you wish, you may opt though to try products that offer money back guarantees.

4. Read reviews of anti aging products:  This can safe you some time in selecting a product that might be best for you.

With an idea of how anti aging wrinkle products work and how you can test their efficacy, you can now begin to pick the best cream for yourself.

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