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August 18, 2011

Exercising 15 Minutes Daily, Not Quite

exercising 15 minutes
Image by Willie Lunchmeat via Flickr

Exercising 15 Minutes a Day: Is it Enough?

Exercising 15 minutes a day has been reported as the minimum amount of exercise needed to gain some health benefits according to a new report out of Taiwan. This was reported by Lee from the Harvard School of Public Health early this year.

The benefits are reported as a 3 year increase in life expectancy, although there is no mention of quality of life for those three years. The study is the result of the massive increase in sedentary individuals who claim they are too busy to exercise 30 minutes or longer daily.

These are the same individuals that sit and watch TV or on their computers gaming etc. for much longer then 30 minutes a day. We hear reports of individuals watching 4-6 hours of TV daily.

There is an epidemic of under active individuals who want to know the  minimum amount of energy needed to put forth on a daily basis. I find these studies  offensive and a fallacy.

They are offering individuals false hope.  We are becoming a world of mediocrity ,  doing the least amount possible to get by and then wondering why we don’t excel physically or mentally. Go to any super center and look at the people and tell me you don’t agree.

Exercising 15 Minutes: Baloney

In my practice I expect my patients to exercise an hour a day. Many extend that time to 1 and 1/2 hours once they begin to see the benefits of their labor. We teach them to strive to be the best and to not accept mediocrity, the more they push it the better they feel.

These are the people who are increasing bone mineral density, lean muscle mass, and their VO2 max. At the same time they are decreasing their risk of heart disease, dementia, stroke, diabetes. and other diseases that we equate with aging. These are people who aren’t too busy to take the time, Dads, Moms. CEOs, lawyers, doctors, actors and musicians.

Some of the busiest and most succesful people in society and they make  time to  exercise, because they make the time. Save the excuses and get off the couch, try giving more than the minimum and watch the results, you will be amazed. Or, you can be just another person in Wal-Mart, too busy to take a little time to improve your life and wondering why you look and feel the way you do.

15 Minutes

Fifteen minutes will soon be a warm up for you. As your family, spouse, children see you exercising and the results, they will join in.  You are and you should be a leader . We lead by example, turn off the computers, the games the TV and get after it. We must quit being dependent on medications and doctors to take care of us.

I am reminded of Wilford Brimley talking about type II diabetes. He mentions exercise diet and  of course medication. I think Wilford is in the 15 minute camp, but don’t expect to see him at Wal-Mart.

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Dr. Joe Jacko

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