November 1, 2023

Smart Gym Equipment

smart gym equipment
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Smart Gym Equipment

How would you like to obtain better health and fitness results in less time? Believe it or not, with smart gym equipment, that is now possible. Technology including AI is taking exercise to a different stratosphere enabling exercisers to get a better health and fitness return on their exercise time. And, who wouldn’t want more time?

It is now possible to get stronger faster and in less time with ARX equipment. It is now possible to improve your core muscles in 10 to 20 minutes a week just by sitting with All Core 360. It is now possible to improve your VO2 max by a decade by riding a CAROL bike for just a few minutes a week.

It is now possible to get the metabolic benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) with low intensity exercise with Vasper. It is now possible to measure and improve rotational strength in 360 degrees or linear strength with Proteus Motion machine.

It has been said that rich people have money but wealthy people have time. Smart gym equipment can help you buy you back some of your time as you improve your health and fitness. You no longer have to spend hours in the gym to achieve health and fitness benefits.

Today we will briefly review these pieces of smart gym equipment and then we will write a more in-depth article on each piece of equipment in the near future discussing the science behind these pieces of smart gym equipment.

ARX Fitness

Smart gym equipment
ARX Fitness machines

ARX uses adaptive resistance training. This enables you to feel resistance and work your muscles throughout the full range of motion.

With free weights the initial part of a lift may be challenging but then become easier in the mid-range and end-range of motion.

There are two ARX machines available. Machines maximally work the major muscle groups concentrically and eccentrically. Concentric muscle contraction is that phase where the muscle shortens to lift an object. The eccentric phase is when the muscle is lengthened as it contracting which typically occurs when lowering a weight against gravity.

Developing strength eccentrically is challenging (but can be done) with free weights and weight machines. We are actually stronger eccentrically and with ARX you can better strengthen eccentrically than with other available method of strength training including free weights.

Two 15 minutes workout a week on the ARX machines equals four 45-minute workouts with free weights. To learn more about ARX go to

AllCore 360

Smart Gym Equipment
The AllCore 360 machine.

As the name implies, AllCore 360 works the core muscles which go from the neck to the pelvis. Two to three 10- minute workouts a week recommended initially. All you have to do is sit and keep your back off a back rest as the machine rotates 360 degrees at various angles forcing you contract and stabilize your core muscles isometrically (no shortening or lengthening of muscles) to maintain a perfect posture.

AllCore 360 machine is also great for those with disabilities including quadriplegic and paraplegics to assist in developing core strength – so important to maintain some quality of life in those with disabilities.. Go to AllCore 360

Carol Bike or Car.O.L Bike

smart gym equipment
Carol bike

Carol stands for cardiorespiratory optimization logic. Carol bike uses AI or artificial intelligence.

Carol bike challenges users progressively with each workout. Several protocols can be selected for work outs. In a standard workout is 2 minute warm up, 20 second all out- burst, 3- minute recovery, 20 second burst, 3-minute cool down. 2-3 workouts a week recommended. In 8 weeks a 12% in VO2 max (equivalent of shaving off one decade of life), 62% lower risk of diabetes have been documented.

Five minutes of training on the Carol bike is equivalent to 45 minutes of running to get same cardiovascular benefit. Go to Carol Bike to learn more.


smart gym equipment
The Vasper machine

Vasper stands for vascular performance. It may be the coolest looking piece of exercise equipment you will find.

A 21-minute low load, low intensity workout provides the same physiologic benefits as HIIT or high intensity interval training. You can achieve a 14% increase in growth hormone, 23% increase in testosterone, 47% decrease in cortisol levels. This a great benefit as it becomes more challenging to regularly do HIIT workouts the older one gets.

Vasper uses cooling and compression to “trick” the body into HIIT results. As we exercise, we eventually shunt blood from muscles to skin to dissipate heat. Thus, we lose benefit of exercise with increasing duration of an activity as less blood is going to the muscles. The machine keeps the body cool which keeps blood going to the muscles improving muscle strength and endurance and hormonal response to exercise.

Compression (BP cuffs) of quads and upper arms prevents lactic acid from dissipating from muscles making them fatigue with low intensity. Lactic acid then triggers release of GH and testosterone. Use of blood pressure cuffs is similar to the use blood flow restricting bands.

Vasper activates stem cells and many users report better sleep. Clients up to age 95 have used Vasper with improvements in balance and strength.

Go to Vasper to learn more.

Proteus Motion

smart gym equipment
Proteus Motion machine

The Proteus Motion has gained tremendous interest as Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is seen working out on it in the Netflix documentary, Quarterback.

Up until now we could only accurately measure strength in a linear plane like the bench press or squat. But, 95% of human motion is not linear and what one can do with squats and bench press does not directly crossover to the athletic field.

Proteus motion can assess strength, power, and speed in 3D planes. On Proteus you can perform any motion in any direction at any speed. The company has a large database enabling a user to compare his or her performance to peers in particular sport. The machine can also be used to train rotational movements as well as linear movements.

To learn more to go to Proteus Motion.

So that is a brief summary of really cool smart gym equipment that can you give you results and save you time.  We will go into more of the science of these products in upcoming articles and you will discover how you can gain back time while improving your health and fitness with smart gym equipment.


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