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April 23, 2011

7 Anti Aging Foods To Feast On

Anti Aging Foods and Red Wine
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While the mystery of aging has not been fully revealed, a plethora of techniques of postponing aging are vended in the market. These range from the simplest, cheapest, and most natural to the daring and dear attempt at messing with nature. For this post, let us consider one very simple way of extending youth: by consuming anti aging foods.

7 Anti Aging Foods That Delayed Aging of 7 Peoples

Blueberries – Berry Good For Balance and Coordination

Want to maintain that youthful gait that you have? Consider eating blueberries. In a study conducted by researchers of Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University’s involving rats, results showed that rats which were fed extract of the said berry outdid rats that ate regular rat diet in terms of balance and coordination when they were in their ripe age.

This must be due to the compounds present in blueberries that attenuate  inflammation and injury brought about by oxidation. These are linked to age-related decline in memory and motor performance. Maintain that youthful grace and avoid moving clumsily by eating lots of blueberries.

Chocolates – A Chock-Full of Flavanols For Healthy Blood Vessels

Would you believe drinking plenty of chocolate drink can help you maintain healthy blood vessels, and avoid age-related diseases such as hypertension, dementia, type 2 diabetes and kidney disease? Yes, this effect of chocolate has been shown among Kuna folks populating the San Blas Islands in Panama who  are fond of chugging a beverage containing liberal amounts of cocoa.

The incidence of heart disease among Kuna people are nine times less than that of people in mainland Panama. This impressive statistic is attributed to their consumtion of the chocolate beverage with an ingredient that is teeming with flavanols. These are compounds that are known to maintain healthy blood vessels. So to maintain healthy circulatory system, sip some hot choco.

Feast on Fish

Another group of folks displaying an impressive healthy statistic are the Inuits of Alaska who have notably zero incidence of heart disease. Experts link this to the astonishing amount of fish they they eat. Fish is a teeming with omega-3 fatty acid, an unsaturated fat that aids in curbing the accumulation of cholesterol in arteries and prevents abnormal heart rhythms. To protect your heart and arteries, feast on fish dishes.

Go Nuts!

Do you want to add another couple of years to your life span? Nibble some nuts! This was what researchers of the Seventh-Day Adventists discovered in their studies. This religious group that stresses healthy lifestyle and vegetarian diet found out that those who eat nuts reaped additional two and a half years on average.

Eat nuts which are enriched with unsaturated fats and enjoy health benefits that you can also acquire from olive oil. Nuts are also teeming with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytochemicals.

Red, Red Wine

Red wine is a rich source of resveratrol, a compound that is thought to bring about such health benefits as cardio protection, prevention of diabetes and memory loss linked to aging. Anti-aging studies involving animals also showed that this compound may stimulate genes that slow down cellular aging.

Although these benefits may also be gained from other alcoholic drinks, but only red wine has been backed by several research. As you sip red wine thinking of delaying aging, remember to drink moderately since drinking excessively may also shorten your life.

Yogurt – Food For The Gut

Reports have shown that Soviet Georgia in the 70’s housed the most number of people aged 100 and above (in proportion to the population) than in any other country. They credit this on yogurt which is prevalent in their diet. There is no study to prove the effect of yogurt in prolonging life.

But some point this to yogurt as being a rich source of calcium, hence, helpful in preventing osteoporosis. Yogurt is also a teeming source of good bacteria that is helpful in promoting healthy digestive tract and in reducing the occurrence of intestinal diseases related to aging.

There can be more anti aging foods available, the key is to choose foods that promote health, hence, in a way, also defy aging and prolong life.

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