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June 15, 2011

Top 3 Weight Loss Products To Avoid

weight loss products
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The safety of the weight loss products you are using must be of utmost priority. Do not compromise your health just to look good. A heap of weight loss products in the market must be avoided for some obvious reasons. However, there are regular products which, at first glance, seem to be safe, but may actually be harmful to the body, and thus must be avoided. This post will discuss this type of items.

To stay outside the danger zones, try to stick with natural and organic products that support your efforts in losing weight. But remember, not all natural can be safe to consume so research about the item prior to intake. This way you shed off pounds without risking your health. Remember to always go for calories teeming with nutrients over “empty calories” that rob your body of the necessary nutrients.

Artificial Sweeteners

Although Equal, Splenda, Sweet N’Low and some other synthetic sweeteners do not have calories and may not elevate your sugar level, there are some reasons why you should avoid them. First, it can defeat your efforts of shedding off some pounds; instead of losing weight you may ironically gain weight.

When your tongue tastes the sweetness of the artificial sweetener, your body is put on guard to consume calories from sugar and your insulin reactors may be turned on. Because the artificial sweetener has no calories, it cannot slake the triggered state of your body. As a result, your body will start craving for food until it is appeased. This induces you to consume other calories or sugar, hence, spoiling your diet plan.

Besides spoiling your diet plan, artificial sweeteners may also produce cancer-causing toxins in your body. This is your health at stake already, so better avoid them. You must know that these synthetic sweeteners are also used as components in mainstream weight loss products and carry the labels saccharin and aspartame.

Another form of sweetener to keep away from is “corn sugar,” or concentrated sugar with high glycemic index that can trigger weight gain, insulin problems, and diabetes.

Weight Loss Products That Contain Unhealthy Fats

You must realize that hydrogenated fats and trans fats are one and the same. So even if you do not see trans fat on the label of the product you are about to consume, but hydrogenated fat content is indicated, stay away from such product. Examples of these are GNC shakes and Slimfast snack bars. Trans fat, according to The MayoClinic.com, can increase your levels of bad cholesterol while decreasing your good cholesterol level.

This can lead to obesity and increases your chances of developing heart disease. In Europe, the use of trans fats in food are already prohibited since it has been associated with causing cancer. So for your safety, always read the label and be on alert for trans fats or partially hydrogenated oil.

Weight Loss Products Teeming With Artificial Additives

As a natural organism, your body requires natural foods and ingredients to ensure optimal health. You can easily get rid of fats if you are optimally healthy. So as much as possible, avoid weight loss products crammed with artificial and chemical additives that can be toxic to the body. Examples are Herbalife and Atkins products that contain artificial flavors and colors, such as vanillin, yellow 5 lake, yellow 6 lake and blue 2 lake.

These potentially toxic ingredients may defeat your weight loss efforts. When it detects toxins, the liver utilizes fats to cover the toxins to shield the body from them. This happens particularly when toxins saturate the liver and the liver has trouble getting rid of them fast enough. As a result, fat cells are accumulated and stored in the body.

Weight loss products that contain artificial sweeteners, unhealthy fats, and artificial additives, since they do not just spoil your diet plan and derail your efforts in losing weight, but they can also potentially compromise your health.

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