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February 5, 2018

Top 8 Mulberry Tea Benefits and Anti-Inflammatory Effects

mulberry tea benefits
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Far Eastern countries such as China, Korea, and Japan have been growing the mulberry plant for a few hundred centuries. It is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine, largely used as a herbal tea. The fruit gained prestige for its anti-diabetic properties. It contains DNJ, a naturally occurring chemical compound. This chemical is credited for many of the beneficial effects of mulberry.

In this short piece, we will talk about 8 such mulberry tea benefits along with their side effects, if any. Please, bear in mind that information contained in this article aren’t definitive. You should consult with a registered physician if you experience any side effect.


Most Important Mulberry Tea Benefits

1. Blood Glucose Level Decrease

We all know diabetes is characterized by an increase in your blood sugar level. Now, mulberry tea helps in reducing your blood sugar level through Gallic acid. This is an important constituent of mulberry tree leaves.

Researchers conducted a study where participants were given mulberry extracts. To their surprise, researchers found out participants who were given mulberry extracts accounted for low post-postprandial blood sugar level. Therefore, the results validated the hypothesis regarding mulberry tea benefits in case of diabetes. Researchers afterward recommended using mulberry tea for diabetes prevention and treatment.

2. Blood Cholesterol Level Decrease


Cholesterol is bad. There is no doubt about that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have seen adverts of numerous products that claim to be free of “bad cholesterol.” Researchers found a positive correlation between mulberry tea and lower blood cholesterol level.

Basically, taking mulberry leaf powder every day for extensive periods of time might reduce your bad cholesterol level. Therefore, you can keep your bad cholesterol such as triglyceride or LDL in check by making it a habit to sip a cup of mulberry tea every now and then.


3. Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Inflammation is a protective response of the human body. It helps to kill and wash away those harmful microorganisms and cellular debris. But inflammation can be a double-edged sword too. Several chronic diseases can cause inflammation and might lead to redness, swelling, edema, and irritation.

Good news! Mulberry tea contains anti-inflammatory effect. It destroys and inhibits the inflammatory agents and cytokines within our body and help reduce the inflammatory response. This hypothesis was validated within a laboratory. Researchers now all over the world recognized the positive mulberry tea benefits in case of inflammation.

4. Weight Loss


For American people and world people in general obesity is a burning issue. People are struggling yet can’t seem to find any suitable natural cure. Hold on! Have you tried mulberry tea yet? It can help you reduce body weight.

The inherent mechanism is that monoline present in mulberry tea reduces the absorption of carbohydrate. As a result, most of the carbohydrates are passed down the gut without being absorbed. End result? Less carb and less increase in body weight. Besides, mulberry tea helps to reduce your food cravings.

5. Storehouse of Minerals and Antioxidants

Another point in a growing list of mulberry tea benefits is a storehouse of iron, calcium, and zinc. Iron helps you maintain your blood hemoglobin level whereas calcium is an essential ingredient of all cellular mechanisms. Moreover, zinc is crucial for bone growth. Mulberry tea provides you with these minerals.

On top of that, it contains anti-oxidants. Do you know what anti-oxidants do to our body? They wash away harmful materials from our system and neutralize free radicals. Bear in mind that free radicals are responsible for many deadly types of cancer.

6. Relief from Common Cold


Do you know what the most common medical problem among individuals around the globe is? Common cold – yes you heard it right. Billions of dollars are being spent each year on OTC drugs for the common cold. But you can easily gain relief from this rather annoying problem just by taking a cup of mulberry tea in the morning.

This product will clear your nasal passage. It will also reduce the hypersensitive reaction within your nasal cavity and throat. Besides, you can gain relief from common cold associated headache, sore throat, and cough just by sipping mulberry tea.

7. Blood Vessels

Are you a smoker? Are you an elderly person suffering from heart diseases? Well, sadly you are susceptible to atherosclerosis – hardening and narrowing of your blood vessels due to cholesterol deposits. This is a natural process and starts shortly after we hit puberty.

However, we can slow down this corrosive process and can even prevent atherosclerosis just by taking mulberry tea. This is one of the most important mulberry tea benefits according to experts. Flavonoids and quercetin contained in mulberry leaves help to reduce the oxidization of bad cholesterol within our blood vessels. As a result, there is less cholesterol deposit and less chance of heart disease.

8. Vision and Skin Problem



The last but not the least in our list of mulberry tea benefits. A lot of children and even adults around the world suffer from reduced vision due to deficiency of vitamin A. Their problem could easily be solved by giving them mulberry extracts, juices or tea that is rich in vitamin A.

It has been scientifically proven that mulberry tea improves your eyesight, reduces eye strain, and prevents retinal degeneration.

Moreover, you can get relief from common skin issues by administering mulberry leaf soaked water on the affected area. Just boil the leaves for 30 minutes. Let the temperature settle down. Afterwards, administer the leaves and water on the affected area.

Final Thoughts

Well, we have reviewed the 8 most important mulberry tea benefits in our short blog post.  By taking up the habit of enjoying a cup of mulberry tea periodically, you may notice other beneficial effects as well.

Lastly, we would like to hear your thoughts on this blog post. Did you like it? Did you find it informative? Well, if you liked it let your peers know about mulberry tea too. Share this article on Facebook and Twitter.

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