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January 29, 2018

Discover 10 Hibiscus Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

hibiscus tea benefits for weight loss
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Products and diets designed to help you lose weight are a dime a dozen. However, many prove to be ineffective, or they cause nasty side effects. Hibiscus tea is more than just a refreshing drink. It gives those fancy weight-loss methods a run for their money without the discomfort and deprivation.

Hibiscus tea benefits for weight loss have been well-known for generations. Scientific research now backs these claims as well. Of course, hibiscus tea isn’t a definitive solution for weight loss, but it can support your efforts. Talk to your doctor about ways to include hibiscus tea in your wellness routine.


 10 Most Important Hibiscus Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

1. Hydrates without the Added Calories

Since unsweetened hibiscus tea is calorie-free and caffeine free, it can hydrate you without increasing your waistline. Replace your soft drinks and juices with hibiscus tea instead of drinking your calories. The average serving of juice contains 136 calories, which is more than you’ll find in a serving of soda and almost as many calories as you’d get from eating a candy bar!

A study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology tested the effects of hibiscus on mice fattened with MSG. Hibiscus extract led to decreased body weight and increased liquid intake in healthy and obese mice.

2. Feel Fuller and Energized

Drink plenty of liquids to keep yourself from reaching for snacks. Your brain may easily mistake hunger with thirst. Fill up on drinks first. Only go for a healthy snack if you still feel the need to nosh after your cup of tea.

Often, when we feel tired, we’re tempted to reach for sugary and carbohydrate-rich foods. We may feel better while we’re eating as processed foods flood our bodies with sugar. Unfortunately, the crash soon follows. The zingy and refreshing qualities of a cup of hibiscus tea give you a nice pick-me-up without the let-down.

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3. Keeps Your Body from Turning Starch into Sugar

Your body has to convert your food into sugars in order to use it. Hibiscus tea prevents your body from producing amylase. This is a digestive enzyme responsible for converting food into sugar.

Among the many hibiscus tea benefits for weight loss, this tea will also minimize your carbohydrate absorption. Taking in fewer carbs can help you in your battle against extra pounds.

4. It’s a Natural Diuretic

When we carry around extra water weight, it not only adds pounds. It also makes us feel bloated. Hibiscus tea stimulates the urinary system naturally to eliminate excess water from the body. As a diuretic, it also acts as a gentle detoxifying agent by encouraging your system to flush itself.

5. Lowers Your Stress Levels

Drinking a warm cup of hibiscus tea can offer a much-needed break from an otherwise stressful day. The act of drinking a warm cup of tea isn’t the only means by which hibiscus tea reduces stress, though.

Cortisol, a stress hormone released when your fight or flight response is activated, can cause weight gain. An abundance of cortisol fatty tissue develops around your abdomen. This is the worst place to carry excess weight because the fat surrounds your organs. The antioxidants in hibiscus tea naturally reduce cortisol levels in your body.

6. Boosts Your Metabolism

Your metabolism dictates how quickly your body burns what you ingest. Faster metabolism leads to slimmer waistlines. Of the hibiscus tea benefits for weight loss, this one is most likely to contribute directly to gradual weight loss over the long term.

7. Reduces Inflammation

Hibiscus tea is loaded with antioxidants that fight inflammation. Inflammation is the root of many illnesses. Cancer, digestive disorders, liver disease, and diabetes are different types of inflammation. When your body is subjected to prolonged periods of inflammation, it has a negative impact on the way your body releases insulin.

Poor insulin regulation causes glucose problems which make you gain weight. As you gain weight, you subject your body to more inflammation, which compounds the negative effect.

8. Lowers Cholesterol

Having too much LDL (“bad”) cholesterol can lead to increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Being overweight contributes to higher levels of bad cholesterol in your system. Hibiscus tea not only helps you lose weight, but it also lowers LDL cholesterol levels.

A 2010 study found that hibiscus extract lowered cholesterol and blood pressure. The study confirmed that hibiscus was also an effective treatment for individuals who suffer from metabolic syndrome.

9. Prevents and Manages Diabetes

Diabetes and obesity create a negative feedback loop in your body. Insulin resistance causes the body to store sugars as fat. Higher body fat increases your risk of diabetes. Break the cycle by lowering your triglycerides and working to maintain a healthy weight.

In 2010, a study in the The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine proved that hibiscus tea lowered certain types of lipids (including triglycerides). These compounds are linked to diabetes.

10. Keeps Your Digestive Tract Running Smoothly

When you tend to your gut health, the other systems in your body benefit too. One of the best hibiscus tea benefits for weight loss is its ability to encourage healthy bowel movements. This tea can be used to relieve constipation. On top of that, its anti-spasmodic properties also make it a great treatment relieving irritated bowels.

Final Word

Now that you’re armed with knowledge about hibiscus tea benefits for weight loss, hopefully, you’ll feel motivated to include it in your wellness plan. It’s a  natural remedy and scientifically-proven to improve your health.

Have you ever had hibiscus tea? Are you ready to give it a try? Let us know in the comments below!


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