November 21, 2011

Men: Steps to Fight Aging

fight agingFoxNews Health published this article on November 20 on ways men can fight aging.  The article looks at treatments that more men are exploring to maintain that youthful appearance as well as younger energy levels.  These treatments increasingly include Botox injections, use of human growth hormone, testosterone replacement therapy, and various skin creams and cosmeceuticals.

The article makes an excellent point that while aging is inevitable there is no reason to sit back and simply accept it when there are treatments available to fight aging (both the physiologic and aesthetic aspects).  And the great news is none of the treatments discussed involves any surgery.

In the United States only FDA approved growth hormone can be legally prescribed.  While some physicians distribute and prescribe non-FDA approved growth hormone, they are inviting legal trouble – so be sure you see a “legitimate” physician.  Also, the laws/standards surrounding who can receive growth hormone are quite complicated and ever changing.  We only consider growth hormone in individuals with adult growth hormone deficiency.

Although the price of growth hormone is coming down you will probably may more than the $150 to $300 quoted in the FoxNews article (if it’s FDA approved).   Improvements from growth hormone are slow and subtle at first so be committed to using for at least 6 months to a year.

More rapid effects are generally seen with testosterone replacement for men who are testosterone deficient.  But, it’s not a cure-all as some men expect it to be, which leads me to the next point.  A well-designed anti-aging program to be effective must include healthy exercise and nutrition.  Exercise and nutrition greatly effect the body’s ability to respond to hormone replacement therapy.

Exercise and Nutrition to Fight Aging

Fight aging with a low-glycemic diet (avoid sugar as much as possible). Include strength training to maintain muscle mass.  Also, high intensity interval training has many metabolic benefits not seen with aerobics so be sure to include that into your exercise program.

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Dr. Joe Jacko

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