August 16, 2011

Easy Ways to Lose Weight

easy ways to lose weightRealistic Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Are there easy ways to lose weight? Weight loss plans should not include some magic potion or some expensive exercise machine with guarantees of 50 lbs in 2 weeks.  That is not the plan I was thinking of and you shouldn’t be either.

There are no magic exercises or potions, not HCG, not the Ab eraser or hormones. Easy ways to lose weight include having a plan with realistic short-term goals. As you reach one you push the bar up and get back at it. There must be a plan in place that is reasonable and you must have the tools to stick with it or to get back up if you stumble. We will look at what is needed to get you going on an easy fat losing plan.


When you review the literature on weight loss you find the same answers even though there are millions of different plans, the successful one are all based on the same thing. If you can keep the glycemic index of food eaten under 60  you will lose weight. The low-fat diets from the 1960s have been shown to actually cause people to gain weight.

It was Dr. Atkins who originally came up with the idea that high protein low carbohydrate diets would work no matter how much one ate. His principal was based on the fact that most people who were over weight had insulin resistance, until they got control their insulin they will fail. This is the problem with the low-fat diets, the individuals never address their insulin resistance.

A good rule is to start with a plan to control your insulin resistance, You do this over a two-week period by keeping the glycemic index very low, nothing above 53.  This is called the induction phase. After the two weeks you can begin adding higher glycemic food but nothing above 60. One day a week you can have a free day,  eat anything you want but one day only. With this nutrition plan you can expect to see significant weight loss even in the first two weeks. Notice no mention of calorie counting?


You are going to have to get off the couch! We have seen  the studies on sedentary lifestyle and their increased incidence of obesity and disease. I am not suggesting that you spend 3 hours a day exercising but I think 45 minutes of resistance training 3 days a week and 30 minutes of cardio 3 days a week is the minimum that is required to reach your goal.

Use  your free nutrition day as your day off from the  gym as well. Don’t start with, the you don’t have time stuff , turn off the TV and get going put the kids in a stroller or take turns with you mate watching the kids while the other exercises. Your mate will be so excited by your transformation you will find them more than willing to help you.

Weight lifting or resistance training is extremely important to any healthy nutrition plan, with the increase in lean muscle mass you will burn even more fat. As you progress you can begin interval training on an empty stomach in the morning but we better hold off on that for now.


Changing one’s eating habits can be quite difficult and can be frustrating. You must make a plan, just like a company has a business plan, with out that they are like a ship without a rudder. Sit down and write out what it is you want short-term goals and ultimate goals. Make all these realistic and don’t be to hard on yourself if you slip up. Go back to your plan reread it and get back to it.

You  must change your thinking, if you eat because your bored get out and do something, don’t put your self in those settings. If you’re a late snacker find a substitute like a low glycemic smoothie or some cheese . Be prepared this is the motto of the Boy Scouts and  successful people.

Medical Evaluation

Prior to starting any program one should always be evaluated by their doctor to be sure there are no underlying medical problems that need to be addressed. Those in their mid-thirties and up can also have hormones checked, by optimizing ones hormones it will assist them in reaching their goal. Remember that hormones won’t do the whole thing, you must follow my rules put forth above.

One other bit of advice, no alcohol in your first two weeks, after which, be very carefull and use it sparingly

Now get going we’ll talk over pizza and beer on your first free day.

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