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November 18, 2016

Cellulite On Stomach And How To Get Rid Of It

Cellulite is a massively unsightly problem and it’s even worse when it’s cellulite on stomach that we’re talking about. This is one of the three areas where cellulite can appear and develop, the other two being the thighs and buttocks. Compared to these particular places, though, cellulite on stomach is a lot more flashy and bothersome.

Experts estimate that cellulite appears in 85 to 98 percent of post-pubertal females. With this kind of alarming statistic, it seems more than obvious that cellulite is an unwelcomed common occurrence. Many struggle to find solutions or prevention methods to this issue, which is why we’re going to answer all of these primary questions.


Cellulite On StomachRead ahead to find out the most important things you need to know about cellulite on stomach, including, of course, how to get rid of it.

What Causes Cellulite On Stomach

It may seem, at first glance, that cellulite is the kind of issue that targets all kinds of people without following a certain pattern. This is part of what makes it so troublesome: how unpredictable it is. And, to be honest, that’s not far from the true. You may or you may not develop cellulite and, sometimes, there are few things you can do about it.

Here are the factors that lead to cellulite on stomach for a better explanation.

#1 Genetics

Sadly, genes play a huge part in whether one can develop instances of cellulite on stomach and other places likewise. There is also an explanation to that and experts can attribute the increased risk to variations of a couple of genes called ACE and H1F1A.

ACE, for example, is a gene that affects the flow of blood pressure. Scholars concluded that those carrying this respective gene are more vulnerable to the effects of the enzyme produced by ACE. This is because increased blood pressure near the surface of the skin can later develop into unusual tissue structures on the respective affected area.

#2 Weight

There’s a small misconception regarding the likelihood of developing cellulite on stomach and other areas on heavier women. Generally, anyone can experience the unpleasantness of cellulite regardless of their weight or other healthy factors. There IS, however, a slightly higher odd that women with more weight on might develop it.

Researchers aimed to prove this in 2006 when they conducted a study that went on and appeared in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Scientists took two groups of women and observed the development and evolution of cellulite according to their weights. One group of heavier women underwent a medically-observed treatment and started showing reductions in cellulite levels. On the other hand, women who started at lower weights and gradually started putting on additional weight displayed higher risks.

#3 Sex

You may have noticed that we never once mentioned men in this issue. This is because, biologically speaking, men simply do not pose any risks to develop cellulite. The explanation is all in the secondary layer of skin underneath the one on surface. In males, we can talk about certain “barriers” called septaes. They prevent against cellulite by dividing fat storage in smaller units, which in turn helps the skin avoid the development dimpling. Another important factor is estrogen, which has a big say in the way the body manages fat storage.

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite On Stomach

Once cellulite on stomach started making itself known, all of this information detailing how it originated are rendered pretty useless. What matters now is how to get rid of it. Fortunately, cellulite on stomach and otherwise is as easy to combat as it is to prevent. There are multiple ways to shed it off and regain your confidence, so, really, all that’s now left is to take your pick.

The most reliable starting place to fuel your crusade against cellulite on stomach is your diet. There are several methods that can help you with this unpleasant issue through dieting. You can consume foods that fight against cellulite, regulate your eating habits, and start avoiding certain products. We cover them all below.

Eating Banana5 BEST Anti-Cellulite Foods



Integrate in your diet either (or all) of the foods we are about to list below and you will notice a drop in cellulite frequency.

#1 Bananas

Bananas are blessed with one of the biggest potassium-to-sodium ratios out there. This is extremely relevant since this means that the potassium essentially cancels out the eventual negative after effects of sodium. Sodium enhances the process of water retention, which puts you at risk for developing cellulite on stomach and otherwise.

Moreover, bananas are also beneficial for your blood flow, ensuring that you will have a healthy circulation. This is something that also helps against cellulite. A healthy blood flow means that your skin cells are getting enough nutrients while also ensuring the “banishment” of various toxins.

The best part is that bananas are an extremely versatile ingredient, so you can eat them by themselves or integrate them in some delicious food recipes. Mush them up, blend them in a smoothie, toss them in a salad, mix with yogurt – the choice is yours. Unless we’re talking about banana chips, in which case the best choice is to avoid them. They’re packed with sugars, meaning that they’d end up having the opposite effect of what we’re desiring.

#2 Chili And Cayenne Peppers

For those of you out there who love your spicy food, good news: you can now enjoy your thermic bombs AND shred off the undesired cellulite on stomach. Or, even better, you can prevent it altogether. Chili in particular contains numerous types of vitamins and nutrients, but the important factor that both of them have in common is that they’re thermogenic foods.

This is something that we can attribute to capsaicin, the substance that most of spicy foods share. Being able to increase heat production, a thermogenic food is going to help your body burn fat faster. As a result, these spicy delights also make great additions to any weight loss program.

#3 Ginger Root

Ginger root is a natural drug since the dawn of time – more specifically, since 400 B.C. China. It was the Chinese who discovered the ailing properties of the root, noting how well it fared with treating colds in particular. However, ginger root can also help, you guessed it, to get rid of cellulite on stomach, on thighs, and on any other body parts with a predisposition for this unsightly affliction.

Ginger root can boost your metabolism, helping burn off fat faster. Moreover, it will aid with digestion and circulation, two established factors that can influence the apparition of cellulite.

#4 Eggs

Or, more specifically, egg whites. People generally associate eggs with cholesterol and various other heart issues when, in fact, you may argue that it’s a pretty unfair belief. An egg has two components and out of those, the egg yolk is the only one that MAY pose some issues. Factors that get to decide whether the outcome will be happy or not generally have something to do with the way you cook them. Also, with the frequency. No doctor or nutritionist would recommend basking in eggs every single day and eating them dripping with oils after frying them.

Egg whites are a fantastic source of dietary protein while also being benevolently low in fats and calories. Even the egg yolks contain plenty of crucial nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, eggs can limit calorie intake throughout the rest of the day. This is because they tend to fill you up better, reducing your body’s need to eat more as the day goes on.

#5 Water

Water is not food, but it might as well be since it nourishes the organism and helps us live on. We know that water is doubled as “the elixir of life” and, to be frank, there would be no better way to put it. When you consume enough water, your body is able to properly flush out the various toxins that plague it. On the other hand, not enough water quantities may develop into water retention, an affliction that encourages the apparition and development of cellulite on stomach and other areas.

Water can also help with weight loss, especially if it’s ICY water we’re talking about. When you drink icy water, your body needs to heat it up. This kind of effort requires your body to tap into fat reserves and burn them up. More specifically, if you drink 2 liters of icy water on a daily basis, you’ll be able to burn as much as 70 calories every day. Beware, though, icy water can be a bit harsh on your throat, so avoid it if you know you’re sensitive!

#6 Others

These aren’t the only foods that can fight cellulite. To name a few others:

  • Sunflower seeds;
  • Brazil nuts;
  • Rosemary;
  • Kale;
  • Pineapple;
  • Pears;
  • Sweet potatoes;
  • Avocados;
  • Blueberries;
  • Quinoa;

Eating Habits To Follow

It’s not enough to eat foods that have anti-cellulite properties. Sometimes you need an extra push of effort in order to get the best of results.

  • STICK TO REGULAR MEALS. It’s very important to not have a chaotic regime and to schedule both your meals and your snacks. Make an eating plan. When it’s time for breakfast, it’s time for breakfast.
  • MODERATE CHEAT DAYS. If you’ve ever followed a diet, you probably know of the famous cheat day. It’s that time when you break away from the rules of your diet to indulge in copious amounts of chicken wings and chocolate cakes. That’s very wrong, nutritionists say. Instead, they recommend sticking with ONE cheat meal every week. Trust us, it will be even more enjoyable.
  • GO VEGETARIAN FOR ONE DAY. To be precise, one day every week. Meat is a trap and it can lure us all in its clutches. To reduce the amount of calories you consume in one week right off the bat, you can try the saving option of going vegetarian or vegan one day every week.

Try Special Exercise Routines

Weight Lifting


Physical activity keeps us healthy, happy, AND good-looking as well. You can take some great preventive measures against cellulite on stomach if you stir up your exercise routine. Certain activities work better in this regard than others.

#1 Weight Training

What weight training does compared to other types of exercise is to tone your muscles under the skin, making them firmer and, thus, less prone to the development of cellulite. Naturally, since it’s cellulite on stomach that you’re seeking to eliminate, it’s best to find exercises oriented around your abdomen.

For these routines, you can easily practice everything at home. Most weight training equipment is relatively cheap and accessible, so you can avoid having to spend countless of dollars. But if you don’t mind how much money flies out of your pockets, you might as well hit up your local gym. Get a personal trainer to ensure the best result.

#2 High Intensity Exercises

Any type of exercise that really gets your heartbeat in a rush is going to do wonders against cellulite. It works especially well when you pair these exercises with the weight training routine. The intense activity and circulation to your heart is going to help your muscles lean up, leading to smoother appearances.

Some of the things that you can try out and which fit in this category are:

  • Outdoor sprints;
  • Using the treadmill on faster and faster settings;
  • Bike sprints, whether they are with a mechanical or outdoor one.

Try Some Skin Treatments

Something else that you can try is directly meddling with the appearance of your skin. Here are the several ways you can go about it.

#1 Dry Brush Your Skin

Dry brushing is a very popular method of ridding oneself of the cellulite on stomach that bothers so many women. Acquire a body brush (make sure it’s from natural fibers) and turn this activity into a morning routine for effective results.

Since you’re likely trying to focus on your stomach area, try to soothe some of the aftermaths of cellulite through circular motions. Make sure it’s in a clockwise direction. Keep at this on a daily basis, perhaps combined with the diet and exercise routines mentioned above, and results will spill in.

#2 Improve Or Alter Skin Tone

If you’ve been stuck with cellulite on stomach for a long time now, you probably won’t be getting rid of it that easy. Or, at the very least, it won’t happen at the speed of lightning. If you want to cover up your imperfections until they disappear (or in case you simply can’t find it in you to eliminate it), try the following.

  • Change your skin tone by using various lotions with these properties. Take a batch in lukewarm water and moisturize your skin with a cream or lotion that contains at least five percent caffeine. This kind of lotions are said to be able to help change your skin tone, making it more even and able of covering it up.
  • Perhaps the quickest fix to this issue is spraying tan. If you have the patience to analyze the spread, you can soothe some of the blaring appearance of cellulite. Use the spray to even out skin and make your delicate area blend in with the rest of your skin.

Intervention By Scalpel

We’d call it a last resort, but for some it’s nothing more than a QUICK resort. Professional treatments do cost quite a bit of money, much more than what it would take to fill up a shopping bag with avocados and bananas. However, you know that you’ll be getting some results.

The types of interventions vary. You may shred off this annoying cellulite on stomach through something as plain as an injection. Another method, a fancier one, involves laser treatments. Lastly, a liposuction is going to help you get rid of extra weight AND of cellulite.


So, as you have just seen, there are numerous ways to get rid of cellulite on stomach. Whichever you choose depends on your commodity, how motivated you are to peel it off, and how much money you’re willing to spend. But at least there’s plenty of ways to pick from.

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