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December 12, 2016

7 Best Essential Oils for Wrinkles that You Should Try

essential oils for wrinkles
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Natural essential oils are plant extractions frequently used as ingredients in skin care products such as anti-aging remedies. Some essential oils for wrinkles are better than others. Plant oils keep the skin moist. Clogged pores cause premature aging. The primary advantage of essential oils for wrinkles is they deliver nutrients without clogging the pores of the skin.

Regenerative properties of essential oils are useful in treating mature skin and reducing fine lines. The essential oils for wrinkles mentioned in this article are not definitive remedies. For serious cases of wrinkles, seek the advice of a skin care professional.


Most Important Essential Oils for Wrinkles

1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood softens dry skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The herb promotes new skin cell formation. High sesquiterpene compounds in sandalwood increase circulation and give the skin a smoother look. Sesquiterpenes stimulate the hypothalamus and pituitary gland activity.

The activity boosts the natural production of HGH, a human growth hormone that slows as people age. HGH increases the elasticity and thickness of the skin. Thicker skin has fewer wrinkles. Apply glycerin, rose water, and sandalwood for 20 minutes regularly for a younger look.

2. Myrrh

Myrrh is one of the antifungal and antibacterial essential oils for wrinkles. Antibacterials are antioxidants that aid in the repair and prevention of skin cell damage that free radicals cause. Free radicals are responsible for chemical reactions that break down proteins such as collagen.

As people age, free radical damage increases. Myrrh natural oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that improve skin tone, skin elasticity, firmness and heal skin diseases. The natural anti-aging oil reduces wrinkles and lines. An anti-aging mask consists of two tablespoons of cornmeal; water needed to make a paste, and two drops each of geranium, frankincense, and myrrh essential oils for wrinkles.

3. Neroli

Orange blossom, or neroli, is an essential oil women use to treat aging skin and wrinkles. Neroli, on the skin, has a moisturizing effect. As people grow older, skin becomes dry. External hydration is important. Keeping a small spritzer bottle for spraying a hydrating mist on the face throughout the day is a handy way to keep skin moist.

Add a few drops of neroli to improve the mist. Keep your eyes closed to prevent the solution from getting into your eyes. Another way to use neroli is to add it to a fragrance-free skin cream. The oil contains the chemical, citral, which stimulates new skin cell growth. Moisturizing effects help tone and tighten skin on the neck and face.

4. Clary Sage

When used with skin moisturizers, clary sage removes wrinkles and fine lines. It is both antibacterial and antiseptic. Clary sage aids in the balance of sebum production, causing pores to tighten. Closing pores improve the tone and texture of the skin. Firm skin gives a smooth appearance and makes facial wrinkles less noticeable. Clary sage blends well with essential oils for wrinkles such as frankincense, geranium, lavender, juniper, and citrus oils.

The antioxidants in clary sage provide free radical damage protection. The astringent properties of clary sage stimulate blood circulation on the skin surface. It contains a female hormone that helps women in the removal of aging wrinkles. Because it contains a female hormone, pregnant women need to avoid using clary sage. Also, avoid using clary sage when consuming alcohol.

5. Geranium

Historically, fine cosmetics contain geranium because of its usefulness in treating sensitive, oily, and dry skin. Properties of the herb increase skin elasticity and blood circulation. Adding geranium to massage oil acts to reduce sagging and dry skin by retaining moisture. Added as an ingredient in skin toners and moisturizers, it helps fight wrinkles. You can apply three or four drops to the skin each morning underneath a moisturizer.

Geranium oil is nonirritating, nontoxic, and non-sensitizing. The astringent properties of geranium cause the skin to contract, tighten, and firm. It prevents skin from sagging and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and delays premature aging. Dead skin cells slough off.

6. Grape Seed Oil

Flavonoids in grape seeds bind to collagen to repair free radical damaged skin. Grape seed oil is effective in the reduction of wrinkles around the eyes. The Vitamin E, found naturally in grape seed extract, slows the aging process. As people grow older, less antioxidant and more free radical production occurs. Grape seed oil absorbs easily. It is a gentle oil that is light on the skin.

The cosmetic industry refers to grape seed oil as a carrier oil. It facilitates an array of commercial lotions and creams. Enjoy the benefit of the oil directly from the bottle. It has soothing benefits. In addition to its ideal viscosity, grape seed oil is also rich in Vitamin C and D, and beta-carotene. It has a concentration of fatty acids that performed well in clinical anti-wrinkle trials.

7. Rosewood Oil

This oil is a natural skin care additive that improves skin firmness and elasticity. Rosewood oil reduces brown age spots, deep wrinkles, and fine line appearance. It encourages growth and regeneration of skin cells. Those qualities are helpful in anti-aging skin care. Rosewood oil is a tissue regenerator that diminishes wrinkles. Mix 20 to 25 drops of rosewood oil in ten ounces of your favorite face cream and use it daily to promote soft, clean, healthy skin.

Rosewood oil has qualities that are beneficial to oily, dry, or combination skin that tones and slows the aging process. Keep rosewood oil out of the reach of small children. Being under medical care, breastfeeding or pregnancy are reasons to consult a physician before using it.

Everyone cleanses his or her skin. Toning and moisturizing are important to many women. Adding essential oils for wrinkles to the facial routine takes anti-aging to a new level. A six-step method accomplishes the goal – cleanse, add essential oils, exfoliate, moisturize, and look after your eyes. The secret is to choose oils with regenerative properties. The small molecules penetrate the skin.


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