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May 2, 2011

Best Anti Aging Products Recommended By Dr. Oz

Best anti aging products
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Best Anti Aging Products Revealed In Oprah

With the torrent of age defying products in the market today, consumers often find themselves confused with which product to pick. Magazine ads, biased reviews and resources that lack credibility do not help to simplify the selection process. Perhaps, getting it straight from an authority in age defiance could help put things in perspective. One such expert is Dr. Oz. In one of the episodes in Oprah this month, he revealed what he considers the best anti aging products.

Let us get to know his recommendations. But, in addition to the recommendations of Dr. Oz check out our other articles on anti aging products; Anti Aging Supplements, Top Anti Aging Vitamins, and Anti Aging Products: Nutraceuticals in the News.

Two Best Anti Aging Products And How To Administer Them

Dr. Oz disclosed that supplementing the diet with the antioxidant resveratrol would aid in maintaining a glowing young-looking skin when taken with a stringent diet. He also revealed another age defying product that can work hand in hand with resveratrol. It is called Dermacai cream. Below is a discussion of their benefits and his recommendation on how to administer them.

Resveratrol Food Supplement

The famous doctor recommends that two capsules of Resveratrol is be taken after lunch and another two after dinner. This must be consumed with ample amount of water. The anti aging effects of this antioxidant includes detoxifying the cells and rejuvenating the skin tone, aids in combating the onset of wrinkles and age marks, boosts energy levels, and may even help in weight loss.

The first thing you will notice and serves as clue that it is taking effect is weight loss. But the shedding of pounds is gradual. Weight loss is expected to range between 14 to 17 pounds. On top of making you look young and slender, this age defying product also helps fight diabetes, cancer and diseases of the circulatory system.

People taking this product can typically sense a surge of energy, hence, doing away the feeling of weakness that comes with aging. Although he did not mention this during the video interview with the Queen of Talk, Resveratrol is what makes red wine considered as good for the heart.

Dermacai Cream

Dr. Oz further explained that to enhance the effects of Resveratrol, you can also use Dermacai. Users of this cream-based compound attest that it provides instant results on their skin. When applied for the first time, they notice a calming effect and their skin radiated after applying it.

However, he disclosed that amazing results become evident after two to three weeks of use. Dark circles around your eyes will gradually fade, slowly erasing this sign of aging. This anti aging cream is to be applied two times a day.

Of the heaps of commodities vended in the market claiming to bring back youth, Dr. Oz declared Resveratrol and Dermacai as the best anti aging products available today.

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Updated 8/20/15

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Dr. Joe Jacko

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  1. On the internet, was an product being sold with the claim that Dr. Oz recommended it. The name of them was Revitol and Dermacai. I checked here to see if it was true about them being recommended by Dr. Oz.
    As you can see, the name of the Resveratrol is different, which makes me skeptical. Have you heard of the Resveratrol being used with a different name?

    1. Revitol is an antiaging cream. Here’s an article we wrote on it. Not aware of another name for resveratrol.

  2. Hello sir ,I m 34 years old lady I have dry skin ,I got fine lines I very. Young age,I want to see my self beautiful. Plz help me

    1. Dry skin has many causes one of which is low thyroid function and recommend you first have your thryoid levels measured (TSH, free T3 and free T4) as a starting point plus your sex hormones.

  3. What are your thoughts on HCG for losing weight? Do the drops work and can you even buy drops that have any HCG in them?

    1. The HCG Diet works but as I tell patients it is one tactic and unless there are long-term lifestyle changes along with obtaining optimal hormone levels the weight will come back on. Most patient I’ve seen for typically lose 30 pounds on a 23-30 day cycle. I have no experience with drops to comment. Doing an injection is really not a big deal.

  4. I saw an ad for a product named Age Defiance, (cream and serum) . When I got the package there were no directions for use. I the cream does make my face feel softer, But how do I get directions for use? Also I see that there are several products (supposedly different compounds) that are cream and serum, all supposedly recommended by Dr. Oz. Is he actually promoting ANY of these products?

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