August 26, 2011

Anti Aging Health Tips

Anti Aging Health tips
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All creatures are made to grow old. Plants, animals and humans all share the same fate, we will grow old. For humans, aging is not only due to age or the number of years you’re living here on Earth, but it could be that you look and feel older than your real age. This kind of aging is due to obesity, stress, dehydration, cell senescence, toxins and a lot of other things. This is where anti aging health matters.

Anti Aging Health : When You’re Old But Not Yet Old

So we’ve settled that not all aging process is brought about by the number of living years we have, but on some other factors. I’m sure you have known someone who is in their early 20s yet they look like they are in their late 30s. You may be looking at that someone in the mirror!

If you’re feeling and looking older than your real age then maybe it is about time for you to change your lifestyle. There are a lot of anti aging tips that may work well with your age group but the best ones are already known to us.

Anti Aging Health Tips

Stop Smoking. I’m sure you know that smoking causes a lot of diseases. Lung cancer, emphysema and even gum problems. But there are some who do not know that it does affect the way they look. A University of Michigan Study shows that those who smoke have more skin damage than those who don’t.

Restrict Calories and Sugar. This is the root of the anti aging diet. This entails discipline in eating less sugar (no chocolates!) and more of the food that brings your body vitamins and minerals.

Avoid Depression and Stress. Yes, being a worry-wart affects how you look and feel, so if you think about your boss or that angry seatmate of yours all the time, then chances are you’ll get old quickly.

Exercise regularly. This is pretty obvious. Our body produces happy hormones while we exercise, thus reducing stress. It also melts the calories and sugar from our body, thus, it will make us feel better.

Anti Aging Health – Maintaining Your Mental Muscle

Have you heard of the phrase, “and the word became flesh?” This is also true for our thoughts. What we think of ourselves will be reflected on the outside. So if you always think you’re out of energy and you cannot do some activities because you feel weak, then you will remain weak and you will feel older than your age. Think happy thoughts always and you’ll be sure to remain energetic for a long time.

Another aspect of mental anti aging health is making sure you are using that stuff in between your ears. This is to make sure that you won’t get dementia or Alzheimer’s disease at an early age. Like what you need to do to your body, your brain also needs exercise. Answer some crossword puzzles, play chess, read or learn to play an instrument. This will challenge your brain enough, thus, maintaining its sharpness.

Aging is not only in our body, it also occurs in our mind. Thus, we also make sure that we monitor what comes in and out of our minds. Ensure that most of the times only good and positive things will be staying inside our brains.

Anti Aging Health: The Power of Starting Now

Like with any other good habits, it is best if you start following these anti aging health tips while you are still younger. It does not matter if you are in your 40s or 50s now for you are still younger from your future self so it will really be great if you decide on it now. Doing all these while avoiding the things that cause the aging process to progress will be more effective in the present. Caring for yourself takes commitment and discipline.

Start now and discover that these anti aging health tips are easier when you begin while you are still younger and more vibrant.

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