June 29, 2011

7 Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

ways to lose weight
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Stick To Healthy Ways To Lose Weight Or Do Not Lose Weight At All

The number one obstacle of many people who want to lose weight is procrastination. They postpone the implementation of diet and exercise plans until they feel they have to, such as when they have a big party to attend or an upcoming beach vacation.With little time left due to days frittered away in procrastination, they end up looking for drastic measures, such as crash diets or a workout salvo, to shed the pounds in a matter of days. If you want to climb out of your roly-poly figure, put into action only healthy ways to lose weight to avoid dangerous effects. Some of these are discussed below.

Points To Consider When Following Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Weight Loss, Food, Energy And Your Body

We eat so that we can provide our bodies with energy needed to help perform bodily functions and in cell maintenance. Any excess energy is stored as fat. Hence, if you eat more than what your body requires, you put on weight. So it follows that if you want to lose weight, you have to make your body deplete this hoard of fat. You can do this either by decreasing your caloric intake or by hiking up your physical activities. Hence, the healthy ways to lose weight must involve proper diet and exercise.

Gradual Changes

The key to healthy ways of losing weight is by implementing measures gradually. Any drastic change can upset your metabolism. You may end up overeating if you starve your body, defeating your purpose for dieting. Starving your body may switch off your metabolism and will drain you of energy causing you to feel exhausted and woozy. You may also not be able to sustain your exercise or diet plan over the long haul if they are in the extreme.

Execute Only Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

1. Start your day right. Make it a habit to wake up at a normal hour, such as 6:00, or 8:00 at the latest. To help you pull this off, hit the sack before midnight so that you can give your body the needed 8 hours of sleep.

2. Use up stored fat upon waking up. Do this by hitting the (stationary) bike or the treadmill once you wake up. While you slept the whole night, your body naturally had no food intake. Immediately subjecting your body to this physical activity without any food will make your body obtain energy from its inventory of fat, hence, allowing you to shed off excess fat.

Make it a point to wait for approximately 20 minutes after the exercise before you eat a hearty breakfast. This is your way of telling your body that it is not starving. Eating breakfast regularly sparks off your metabolism and keeps you from overeating later in the day.

3. You can cut your calorie intake by eating only when you are hungry instead of eating the usual three meals per day. However, make sure that you eat healthy and watch those calories.

4. Replace potato chips, ice cream, cakes, chocolates with fruits and vegetables, but you can occasionally reward yourself for milestones in losing weight with small helpings of these treats so you do not totally deprive yourself.

5. Make it a conscious effort to consume oats, brown rice, wholewheat bread and pasta and other good carbohydrates, but avoid these after 5 PM to keep your body from hoarding them as fat in the night, defeating your morning bike routine.

6. Regularly consume protein. Increase your protein intake if you want to grow some muscle. Accompany this with weight training to boost metabolism and crank up the capacity of your body to torch fat.

7. Drink plenty of water. Water will replenish the fluids you lost during exercise. It will also suppress your appetite as well as flush out toxins from your body. And above all, it helps to get rid of excess water retained in your body.

There are more healthy ways to lose weight that you can adopt; just keep in mind to implement them gradually increasing your physical activities while decreasing caloric intake.

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