March 20, 2013

Young Living And Living Young

young livingYoung Living

Maintaining a healthy mind and body are essential if young living is your goal. Turning to anti aging products can help maintain a youthful appearance, but they will not necessarily make you more functional. Young living takes some effort. You have to feed and exercise your brain and body, avoid unhealthy habits, and get adequate rest. See Healthy Aging Tips For A Longer Life.  Young living requires action and action requires energy. Life is energy. Thus, young living is living energetically. How do you do that?

Young Living: the Mind

Young living is a mindset. In addition, to keeping your brain healthy by eating and exercising properly, you must also develop a healthy attitude towards life. Be optimistic, be curious, be fascinated, be aware, be grateful, be present in the moment, and become a lifelong learner.  Make it a point to make the day, not just get through it, and not just get from it. One of the best ways to do make the day special is to make it special for someone else. Don’t become too self-absorbed. Use your skills to help someone else. Keep learning – that keeps the brain in tip-top shape.

Young Living: the Body

The body’s most important function is to produce energy. Like we said earlier, life is energy. The best way to ensure your body makes energy is to eat properly and to improve the body’s utilization of energy. This is where exercise comes into play. Exercise keeps the body strong enabling us to remain functional. Maintaining physical function is the major key to young living.

Diet wise the best thing you can do is avoid sugar other than those naturally found in foods. Avoid as much as possible any food from a bag, box, can, or jar. Eat protein. Most Americans do not eat enough protein. Proteins are the building blocks for our neurotransmitters, hormones, and of course our muscles. All of these are needed for optimal function and young living.

Speaking of hormones – make sure you maintain optimal or youthful levels (levels of a 30-year-old). Eating and exercising will enable you to maintain some fo your hormones longer, but eventually you might need some help through hormone replacement therapy.

The Fututre of Young Living

Stay abreast new developments in stem cells and telomerase activation. That’s where the future of young living will be found. Stem cell technology is more advanced than many think promising new treatments for an array of chronic debilitating conditions. Telomere shortening is now known to be both a marker and the cause of aging. Compounds like TA-65 are being developed that can lengthen telomeres better enabling us to live the 120 years we are programmed to live.

During my sports medicine fellowship we had a simple mantra for our patients, “keep on keeping on”. That’s the essence of young living.

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Dr. Joe Jacko

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