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October 21, 2019

Skinnyfit Detox Review: An Effective Way To Reduce Toxins?

skinnyfit detox reviewDo you want to know a secret that no one wants to admit? Losing weight is just hard—very hard. For some people, it is even harder than for others. We all need a little help. There is plenty of help out there because the weight loss industry is a billion-dollar industry. Every day there are new products popping up that promise to help us lose that weight. You may think this Skinnyfit Detox Review is the same thing. Well, it is, and it isn’t.

Losing weight is only half of the battle. The real issue is getting healthy. You might achieve your weight loss goals, and you might get skinny; but did you get healthy? Our health is based on many more factors than just our weight, though it is an important factor. What we should focus on is getting healthy. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is to get the toxins and impurities out of our system.

This Skinnyfit Detox Review aims to help you compare a few different products that claim to get your body free and clear of the toxins which are weighing your down. First let’s look at a few frequently asked questions about detox teas, or teatox as they are sometimes referred to.

FAQs for SkinnyFit Detox Review

1. What Is Teatox?

​Teatox is a term that is being used to refer to any tea which can help your body shed toxins. These teas work with a combination of ingredients that activate a cleansing process in your body.

​2. Why Is Teatox Important?

Detoxifying your body, through any method, is important because as we move through our regular days, we are picking up toxins everywhere. There are toxins in our water, air, food, and even in our clothing and furniture. Usually, our bodies can shed these on their own through natural processes. However, our modern life is so full of toxins that sometimes our bodies can get overwhelmed and we cannot shed them fast enough.

A teatox can be beneficial by supercharging the body’s own ability to shed toxins. When this detoxifying system is activated, it can make you feel like a brand-new person.

​3. How Does a Teatox Help You Lose Weight?

​Some of these toxins contribute to weight gain by causing the body to hang onto extra water weight. When your body feels threatened, it will begin holding fluid to protect itself. This fluid can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Besides helping you shed water weight, the energy boost you get after a teatox will invigorate your workout efforts so you can lose weight more easily.

​4. Where Can I Purchase a Teatox?

​Teatoxes can be found in stores that specialize in health and wellness. You may find a limited selection in your local grocery store, but they won’t likely be with the regular teas. Instead, search for an area that sells vitamins and herbal supplements. Usually, the detox teas will be in the same vicinity. Many detox teas are available online through the manufacturer or from online retailers such as ​Amazon.

What Is the SkinnyFit Detox?

So, what exactly is Skinnyfit Detox? Skinnyfit Detox is one type of teatox that can help your body shed toxins and ultimately shed pounds. Skinnyfit is a 28-day program that uses all-natural ingredients. When used properly, this product will boost your energy and help you lose weight. It is easy to use and even comes as a convenient subscription plan, so you never need to worry about running out.

Product Specs

Each order of Skinnyfit Detox comes as a 28-day program. This product is packaged this way because Skinnyfit Detox is meant to be taken in 28-day bursts. With your subscription, you have the option to get more than one bag, which would provide you with multiple detox sessions.


​This product is around $60 for your first bag. It should be noted that if you opt to receive multiple bags in your subscription, then you will receive a slight discount on each.

How It Compares

​​​​​We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • ​Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse, 2-Part Program
  • ​Purely Inspired 7-Day Cleanse
  • ​Zero Tea 14-Day Detox

​​SkinnyFit Detox

Ease of Use

This Skinnyfit Detox ​reveals that this product is popular because it is very easy to use. Unlike many detox teas, Skinnyfit offers its detox tea in a convenient tea bag. Many other detox teas come as loose tea which can be more difficult to deal with. Skinnyfit is also appealing because it’s easy to use; drink two cups of the product each day to reap the benefits.

Customers seem to love the fact that they can drink two cups of tea a day and get help with their weight loss goals. Besides this, Skinnyfit Detox tea has a sweet, fruity flavor. This is also an improvement on many weight loss products which have a bad taste.


​​This product is made with all natural ingredients, including Sencha green tea and oolong tea. Both of these ingredients have been used for centuries to boost energy and to cleanse the system. This product is sweetened with Stevia and also uses peach powder for flavoring.

​Side Effects

​​There are no known side effects of this product. It is important to note, however, that if you have a negative reaction to this product you should discontinue use and discuss it with your doctor.


​​This Skinnyfit Detox ​reveals that customers who have reviewed this product love it. The most popular aspect of this product is that it immediately increases energy. Another thing that customers are raving about is that it also immediately helps with bloating.

​​​Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse, 2-Part Program


​This product is a good addition to our Skinnyfit Detox review because it is a 2-part program. Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse uses both an herbal supplement and a fiber supplement to help your body naturally cleanse itself through the digestive tract. This is more of a traditional cleanse in that it will impact your colon health and your daily BM.

Ease of Use

This product has more steps involved that the Skinnyfit Detox featured above in the Skinnyfit Detox review. To get the best results from this product, you need to take the herbal supplement pill and the fiber supplement. You should follow the instructions carefully to make sure you are taking this product correctly. If you do not take this product correctly, you will not see good results.


The first step of this product includes all natural ingredients such as calcium, iodine, and a proprietary blend. The proprietary blend is a combination of herbal supplements which have been used for centuries to treat digestive issues and to cleanse the colon.

The second part of the process includes calcium and a proprietary blend that has been used for centuries to both cleanse the colon and increase colon health.

​Side Effects

The obvious side effects of this product will be digestive changes. This product is intended to cleanse the colon, so you can expect changes in your bowel movements. Some customers who have reviewed this product report dramatic digestive changes.


Customers who have reviewed this product claim that upon using this product, they see a dramatic change in digestive health, more regular bowel movements, and ultimately weight loss.


This product is more affordable and does not come in a subscription form. This means that you can purchase it once, and if you like it, then you keep buying it; no obligations here.

​Purely Inspired 7-Day Cleanse

This product is a great addition to our Skinnyfit Detox review because it is so easy to use. Purely Inspired 7-Day Cleanse is a straight forward approach to detoxifying your body through your digestive tract. This product uses all natural ingredients which are proven to have a powerful effect on the colon and produce a satisfying flush of the digestive system.

Customers love this product because within one week you can feel lighter, more energized, and many customers also report losing weight after using this product.

Ease of Use

​This product ranks high in our Skinnyfit Detox Review because it is simple. This product comes in a convenient pill form. The instructions recommend you take two pills with food and 8 oz of water each night before bed. If two pills do not produce the desired effect, you can increase the dosage to 3 pills.


​This product uses all natural ingredients which have been used for centuries to promote colon health and to assist with colon cleansing. Ingredients include senna leaf, acai berry, apple cider vinegar, and others. You should thoroughly research all ingredients to make sure you are not allergic.

​Side Effects

​The obvious side effect of this product will be changes in your digestion. This product was created to be used as a colon cleanse. Customers report dramatic changes in bowel movements upon using this product.


​Customers who have reviewed this product are thrilled with their results. Many people who use this product report that once the cleanse is complete, they see sugar cravings disappear and even allergy symptoms decrease. It is important that once you have cleansed your system, you do not re-introduce more toxins into your system. Use your detox as a fresh start for making better food choices.

​​Zero Tea 14-Day Detox


Zero Tea 14-Day Detox is very similar to Skinnyfit Detox tea. For the sake of this Skinnyfit Detox review, however, we will try to point out some differences between the two products along with some similarities. First, both products come in convenient tea bags rather than loose tea. Zero Tea does not come in a subscription form, so you have more control over purchasing. Both products also increase energy and gently detox the system.

Ease of Use

​This product is easy to use. The instructions recommend drinking one cup of this tea a day, although you can safely have two.


​Like many of the products on this Skinnyfit Detox Review, Zero Tea uses all natural ingredients which have been proven to assist the body with detoxification and cleansing. Green tea, cornflower, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, rooibos, and orange peel all work together to increase your energy and cleanse your system.

​Side Effects

​Customers who reviewed this product did not report negative side effects. You can expect this product to increase your energy. If you are sensitive to products which increase energy, then you may experience an increased heart rate. It is not recommended to take this product late in the day as it may affect sleep habits. This product also influences digestive health.


​Customers who have reviewed this product report that they can immediately see improvements in their energy levels and their water weight. The increased energy levels make it easier to work out, thus assisting with weight loss.

​​​​SkinnyFit Detox Tea: 5 Stars


If you are looking for a quick, convenient way to detox your body in the form of tea, then Skinnyfit Detox Tea is a great option. For those who do not wish to conduct their detox in the form of a tea, then you may want to try Purely Inspired 7-Day Cleanse. This product comes in a convenient pill form.Occasionally giving your system a good cleanse is a great way to reset your digestive system.

This is especially important if you want to make some big diet changes. A good cleanse is a great fresh start. Be sure to keep eating clean after you cleanse, so you do not re-introduce toxins back into your system. For people who struggle with digestive regularity, Skinnyfit Detox Tea is a great way to get your digestive system back on track.

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