January 24, 2011

Healthy Weight Loss

Many people are looking for fast ways to lose weight.  But, if there is a fast way that really works in the long run, we would all know about it, but there isn’t one.  Healthy weight loss is sensible and smart.  Healthy weight loss involves a long-term plan.

What are the Ingredients to Healthy Weight Loss?

1.  Optimal hormone levels.

2.  Low glycemic diet.

3.  Smart eating.

4.  Strength training exercises.

5.  Anaerobic or supra-aerobic exercises.

6.  Smart use of supplements.

Optimal Hormone Levels

Our hormone levels decline once we hit our 30s.  Achieving healthy weight loss is challenging if hormone levels are not optimal.  Low hormones are a reason we gain weight as we age even if we eat carefully and maintain our activity levels.  Most physicians do not fully appreciate the importance of optimal hormone levels in weight management and general well being.  Find an age management or anti-aging physician to evaluate your hormone levels and initiate replacement therapy if hormone levels are low.

Healthy Diet for Healthy Weight LossLow Glycemic Diet

Consuming low glycemic foods keep blood sugar, and thus, insulin levels low.  High blood sugar and insulin levels are disastrous if your goal is to lose weight.  High insulin prevents our body from burning calories from our fat stores.  Plus, insulin is pro-inflammatory, and inflammation causes many chronic diseases.  Carbohydrates should primarily come from fruits and vegetables.

Smart Eating

Smart eating involves eating meal and snacks throughout the day so that blood sugar levels are stable rather than fluctuating from too low to too high.  Consume enough protein with each meal and snack (about 25 gm per sitting).  Protein is needed for muscle building and production of enzymes and hormones, which facilitate metabolism and other processes.  Never eat carbohydrates by themselves – eat them with some protein.  This will prevent blood sugar and insulin levels from spiking.

Drink plenty of fluids.  This enhances blood circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients and removal of waste and toxins.

Strength Training ExercisesHealthy Weight Loss

Muscle burns more calories than fat.  The best way to burn more calories is to have a higher percentage of your body weight in the form of muscle.   The best way to accomplish this is to engage in regular strength training exercises (see “Exercises to Lose Weight”), a real key to healthy weight loss.

Anaerobic Exercises

Anaerobic exercises are short bursts of activities performed at near maximal effort.  Exercise may be performed for a few seconds to a minute or so followed by rest and repeated for many cycles.  This type of exercise will get the heart rate higher than the usual aerobic or cardiovascular exercises.  It will burn more calories, and will keep your metabolism higher for a longer period of time than aerobic exercises (see “Exercises to Lose Weight“).  Perhaps, more importantly this type of exercise can lead to increased release of growth hormone (sometime 800% above baseline) and testosterone.

Smart Use of Supplements

Fruits and vegetables are grown in soil depleted of nutrients.  Without optimal nutrients the body doesn’t work as efficiently.  Therefore, it is smart to take a pharmaceutical grade multivitamin and mineral complex.  Some herbal supplements can aid in weight loss.  The best are green tea, brown kelp, and Irvingia.   Each of these attack more than one mechanism of weight management making them more effective (see “Herbal Weight Loss”)

Also see “How to Lose Weight“.

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Dr. Joe Jacko

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