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January 13, 2012

5 Tips to Successful New Year Resolutions

New Year ResolutionsIt’s New Year Resolutions Time

It’s that time of year, the time when we all  make outlandish New Year Resolutions that we never keep. Below are five tips to get you for making successful New Year resolutions.

Follow them and your chances of reaching your goals are much improved.


You must have a plan in place as to what you are trying to accomplish, weight loss, smoking cessation. working out etc. With out a plan you have no direction, it would be like starting a company and not knowing the service you are offering. A plan can be basic, no more drinking or it could be very involved like improving your overall health reversing hypertension or diabetes and starting a overal healthy lifestyle , diet and exercise included.


You can have long-term goals but if you are going to be successful you must have reasonable interim goals. Once these are reached you need to reward yourself and then set the next goal. If you continue to give yourself small obtainable goals you will be less frustrated and have an easier time reaching your ultimate goal.

Visual Image

See your self as successful and a winner. Many athletes will tell you they have an image in their head of the perfect swing and they play it over and over. They see them selves as winners . You must do the same thing if you are going to meet your goals. See your self as the new you.

Support Group

Make sure that you surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable. This could be your mate, the neighbor, or your best friend, some one that will keep you on track and encourage you when your frustrated. This is the person who is waiting when you want to stay in bed instead  of going for that morning jog. This is who talks with you when pizza and hamburgers sound so good. This step is every bit as important as the others, pick your group carefully.


You now have a plan in place, reasonable goals, a good visual image and a support group in place. Now you must jump and start your program. Like standing on the high dive as a kid, once you jump, you wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. Jump and as you reach your goals don’t be afraid to go back and look at your plan and goals and adjust them.

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Dr. Joe Jacko

Dr. Joe is board certified in internal medicine and sports medicine with additional training in hormone replacement therapy and regenerative medicine. He has trained or practiced at leading institutions including the Hughston Clinic, Cooper Clinic, Steadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas, and Cenegenics. He currently practices in Columbus, Ohio at Grandview Primary Care. Read more about Dr. Joe Jacko

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