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March 15, 2011

Which Facial Anti Aging Product Works For You?

facial anti aging
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Surgical Versus Non-Surgical Facial Anti Aging

The topic of revitalizing the face often brings to mind expensive and painful surgeries. However, facial anti aging procedures need not incise your skin as well as cut into your pocket that deep. Numerous non-surgical facelifts are now available for those who do not want to go under the knife. They are more considerably affordable, safe from complications and infections and require almost no recovery period. They are best suited for relatively younger individuals whose skin just started wrinkling and sagging. Certain latest techniques are also intended for people in their 40’s and 50’s.

Non-Invasive Facial Anti Aging Techniques

Face Lifting Creams. The simplest of facial anti aging treatments are skin rejuvenating facial creams that are available in beauty stores and the pharmacy. The wide assortment of these products, varying in ingredients and mechanisms of action may confuse you. They promise to keep skin taut and erase wrinkles and lines. If you find the particular product that best suits you, they can also complement other facial anti aging procedures.

Skin Layer Removal. One way to keep face rejuvenated is by eliminating layers of the skin.  Some of the specific skin layer removal facial anti aging methods include laser treatment, chemical peel, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion. They all remove certain layers of the skin varying in method or substance used. They are effective for removing blemishes at once or gradually after several sessions.

Dermabrasion is often considered as a surgical procedure because it requires general anesthesia. The effects of these methods can be seen for about a year depending on how you take care of your face.

Facial Anti Aging Injections

Botox Injections. Perhaps this is the most sought-after facial anti aging method. Facial muscles are relaxed and immobilized by simply injecting Botox directly into them. By preventing the muscles of the face from moving, the formation of more wrinkles are minimized. In contrast to the days required for recuperation for those who underwent cosmetic surgery, it only takes about an hour for the swelling in Botox patients to subside.

The number of shots will vary from face to face. Injections are maintained every three to six months contingent on the reaction of your face to Botox. If you are taking medications like antibiotics, or are pregnant, you need to seek medical advice before facing the needle. It is also not advisable to go through the treatment while under the influence of alcohol, albeit there are Botox cocktail parties organized. You may want to avoid these, or at least the alcoholic drinks they serve.

Collagen Injection and Other Fillers. This is another non-surgical facial anti aging technique that is applied by injection. Collagen is naturally present in the dermis. By injecting an exogenous collagen, it plumps the skin up, thus, filling in the wrinkles. Owing to this effect, it is also labeled as fillers. Several other types of fillers can be used to rejuvenate the face. It is only a matter of matching these to your needs with the help of your cosmetic surgeon.

There are fillers that can be injected to your lips to give you that fashion model’s pout. After a few hours of getting the shot, you can start strutting a wrinkle-free youthful countenance. Like Botox injections, you have to get another shot for at least every six months or sooner to maintain a younger look. This is because the body absorbs the fillers back into the body.

Natural Facial Anti Aging Method

Isometric Facial Exercises. If you are looking for an artificial alternative, then facial exercises may be for you. Make sure that your exercises are isometric as there are old routines that can cause rather than eliminate wrinkles. Complementing it with an acupoint massage is said to boost muscle and skin tones and erase wrinkles.

This can be done a few minutes a day and can be performed while you apply your moisturizer. It is not just simple, it is the least expensive, greenest, safest and longer-lasting than the other methods.

You can eliminate wrinkles and lines and rejuvenate your face using facial anti aging procedures that are simpler, safer and less expensive than surgical procedures.

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