February 28, 2020

The Power of Dreams

power of dreams
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The Power of Dreams

There are no great people without great dreams.  Some may prefer to use the word “vision” to describe what I am referring to as “dreams”. 

We are not talking about the dreams that occur when we are asleep. But, rather those conscious daytime dreams that represent desires and ambition we conjure up while awake. Great things are possible because of the power of dreams.

Great people exist because they had great dreams that they fulfilled.

Those individuals we consider great were fueled by the power of a dream. Without that dream that drove them, they would be just ordinary individuals.

These conscious dreams leads to goals and plans that shape the future. This is important because the future is the only thing you can control. Some would say you can only control the present, but is that really true? The past is passed, and the present is but here for a fleeting moment quickly becoming the past. The present represents barely enough time to affect the outcome of that moment.

The future is what you can affect by your thoughts, by your words, and by your actions. You have to become a good dreamer if you want to live a productive and meaningful life. And, dreaming is actually hard work.

Supposedly, Steve Jobs spent three hours a day thinking about the next great innovative product for Apple which would come to fruition about every 5 to 7 years. And, that’s another thing. Dreams do not turn into reality overnight.

Dreams take time to nurture and develop. They take patience. They require resiliency and perseverance. And, they frequently require a change or transformation in thought.

How Dreams Shape Your Life

Dreams shape our lives in ways we may have never considered.

First, everything starts with a dream. Look around you. Everything you see was the result of someone’s dream or imagination, yes, even including the universe.

What would be more possible to believe? That the universe came into existence without a creator, or that the Mona Lisa came into existence without a creator? If things do not need a creator, then it would seem more likely that the Mona Lisa would have come into existence spontaneously than it would the universe.

Secondly, without a dream to pull and push you, you are simply existing and even dying. Dreams trigger growth. And, if you are not growing, then you are dying. Dreams keep you growing and improving yourself.

Thirdly, dreams define you, maybe not all of you, but a good part of you. Dreams shape your actions and your actions define you as a person.

Fourthly, dreams help us to focus our time and attention. Dreams enable us to better reduce distractions and not get side-tracked. They help us set priorities.

Fifthly, dreams get us through tough times. Dreams make it hard to quit. They encourage us to carry on. It is easier to bear a burden when we can see the goal or the end in mind. In short, dreams give us something to live for.

How Big Should Your Dream Be?

How big should your dream or dreams be? Big enough to get you outside your comfort zone and big enough that you will likely fail in achieving it without the help of others including God. See Help Me Do This All By Myself.

The power of dreams requires going outside our individual comfort zones. It is nearly impossible to achieve anything significant if we each stayed within our comfort zones, because our comfort zones are so small when compared to all that is possible to achieve. Even those who are exceptionally talented in several areas have relatively small comfort zones.

And, what about divine intervention? Some people feel strongly called to do something and have received a God-driven dream. God moves when you move. The more you move, the more God moves on your behalf. You already have everything you need to accomplish a goal or dream if it is one obtainable within your comfort zone. God is not needed when you stay within your comfort zone. If you want God’s help, go outside your comfort zone.

To go outside your comfort is going to require faith and trust that God will provide the means for each next step in the obtainment of your dream. This is most true if you have received a God-given dream.

Persevere, keep learning, be patient, work diligently. Recognize obstacles are there to guide you towards the right path like bumpers in a pinball machine. If you fall down, get up, dust the dirt off, and try again more intelligently the next time.

Most of all be patient. Great things take to time to achieve, and they are always worth the wait.

It takes as much effort to dream big dreams as it does small dreams. So dream BIG!

Believe in the power of dreams.



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