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March 21, 2011

Ingredients Your Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Should Not Have

Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream
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Turn Back Time Using An Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream

Do you dread facing the mirror each morning or night for fear of finding lines under your eyes and wrinkles on the forehead that cause you to look old? You are not alone. Many share your sentiments because the process of aging is inevitable. However, there are ways that can postpone it. One such way is the use of an effective anti aging wrinkle cream. However, not all anti aging wrinkle creams do the job well. Many even contain ingredients that would do more harm than good. Some of these ingredients are discussed below.

Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Ingredients To Avoid

It may be inconceivable that with all the anti aging wrinkle creams inundating the market, there are beauty regimens that actually include substances that can harm your skin in the long run. According to some dermatologists, these are compounds that hamper the natural ability of your body to regenerate, create new skin cells and eliminate toxins. Read about these harmful ingredients below.

Petroleum derivatives. Be on the lookout for anti aging wrinkle cream ingredients such as mineral oils, petrolatum, petroleum jelly and paraffin. Avoid products containing these because they can obstruct pores and rob your skin and body of its natural oils known as sebum. As a result, undesirable skin imperfections, such as, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, lines, wrinkling and sagging appear. Rather than help you stop the aging process on its tracks, these products can instead add to your aging problem. It is just unthinkable why some anti aging wrinkle products contain these.

Parabens. These compounds have nothing to do with getting rid of your wrinkles but are added to prolong the shelf life of beauty creams. Although many anti aging wrinkle cream makers claim that parabens are safe to use and are not absorbed by the body, research have shown that they are. They are cancer causing, thus, should be avoided. For this reason, their use in cosmetics has been prohibited in many countries. Watch out for these carcinogens because they are also added to organic skin products.

Fragrances. The pleasant scent of an anti aging wrinkle cream may be a plus factor.   Majority of beauty creams contain natural or synthetic fragrances that are incorporated not just to add to their appeal but also to mask the nasty odors of essential oils that particular products may have. However, this benefit is just minor and can be dispensed with without affecting the efficacy of the product. Be reminded that anything you apply to your skin is absorbed and penetrates the blood stream and can act on the tissues. The fragrance may also be a trigger to irritability, depression, anxiety, nervousness and similar problems because your nose is a direct passageway to the CNS. Hence, it will do you well if you steer clear from anti aging wrinkle creams with components  that make them fragrant. There are even natural ingredients that can spur adverse effects in their undiluted form to create a certain scent. Examples of such plant extracts are Coumarin, limonene and  linalool.

Ridiculous price tag. Derailing the aging process can really cost you. However, make sure that the bulk of your dollars pays for the efficacy of an anti aging wrinkle cream, and not for its expensive brand name and glamorous marketing. Overpriced beauty products may make you worry over your budget, and thus, may add wrinkles to your face rather than revive your youthful skin.

Choose an anti aging wrinkle cream that do not contain parabens, petroleum derivatives, fragrances and other ingredients that may harm your body rather than rejuvenate your skin.

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  1. Yes i also agree with you that the beauty product we buy should have ingredients which suits our skin other it will damage our skin as well so we should buy by having reviews on ingredients

  2. Always look forward to buying the cream which suits your skin type. Never buy any cream which your friend may have suggested you because what worked for her might not work for you. Get some research done and make sure you know your skin type.

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