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May 6, 2011

How To Lose Weight Quickly – What the Celebrities Do

how to lose weight quickly
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How Do Celebrities Lose Weight So Quickly?

You may have heard of Missy Eliot losing over 70 pounds, Jennifer Hudson losing 60 pounds and Tyra Banks shedding off 30 pounds in just five months, and you wonder just what have these stars been doing and eating to effectively lose weight this fast.

Well, you must realize that one of the reasons these celebrities lose weight is because they have to. Their body is an asset in their line of business and this motivates them to get back in shape. They hire personal trainers to help them plot an appropriate exercise plan.

They also enlist the services of a dietician to set out the diet aproriate for them. If you cannot afford to hire these professionals, you can search for free diet, exercise plans and tips on how to lose weight quickly online but they may not necessarily be custom-made for you.

Missy Eliot, for instance, had a motivation greater than just making her figure marketable in show business. Her stroke attack pushed her to watch her diet, which now consists of wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, whole grains and fruits and vegetables. It also triggered her to attend dance classes and swim regularly so that she remains fit and healthy.

How To Lose Weight Quick And Easy – Eat,Drink and Exercise

Eat 5 Times a Daily. Missy Eliot lost 71 pounds by eating mini meals throughout the day. The idea here is rather than starve your body, the way some people do to lose weight quickly, you keep your body satisfied since starvation can lead to overeating, hence, defeating the purpose of dieting.

It is really difficult to suppress your cravings, so rather than suppress them, feed them in little but frequent helpings. Susan Roberts, the author of “The I Diet” even recommends squeezing in a high-caloric item between low-caloric foods such as a small serving of a lavish dessert together with a healthy salad and entree. Eat 3 decent meals and 2 low caloric snacks.

Drink Plenty of Water. This is one of the easiest, cheapest and quick ways to lose weight. Water has a lot of health benefits and aids in your efforts to lose weight. Among these are suppressing appetite, toning the muscle, reducing cholesterol levels, supporting proper digestion, helping your body differentiate thirst from hunger, and washes away toxins. A daily water consumption of 2,200 ml is recommended.

Exercise Regularly. You cannot just spend your days eating and drinking lots of water and expect to lose weight. You have to lift your big behind and hit the gym to lift some weights. Lifting weights will speed up your metabolism and will help you build muscles that will replace the fats you will be shedding.

How To Lose Weight Quickly And Safely

Oftentimes, the motivation of people who want to lose weight is because they are preparing for an important event, such as their wedding. A lot of people would want to lose weight very quickly and would follow tips on losing weight in just 7 days.

However, before you ask the question of how you can lose weight quickly and safely, the more appropriate question to ask first would be “Is it is safe to lose weight fast?” Many weight loss experts will advise you to go down the gradual road rather than the fast lane to shed off those extra pounds due to safety reasons. Built-in defense mechanisms in your body will react when it detects the sudden loss of weight to protect your vital organs.

When this happens, your weight loss will decelerate and come to a halt and may even compromise your metabolism that could result in your inability to lose weight in the long run. Hence, these tips of losing weight quickly does not mean you will lose weight overnight.

The ultimate secret on how to lose weight quickly and safely is to lose weight gradually; this way you do not go through a rebound effect and you avoid compromising your overall well-being.

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