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July 5, 2017

8 Most Important Avocado Oil Health Benefits

benefits of avocado oil
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Avocado oil is rising in popularity due to its high fat content and the ease with which this unique fruit can turn into a multipurpose oil. There are many ways to experience the benefits of avocado oil, eight of which are outlined below.

Keep in mind that the benefits listed below are not a substitute from the advice of a healthcare professional. Always consult your doctor before adding any regular supplements to your diet.

8 Benefits of Avocado Oil for Your Health and Mind

1. Increase Oleic Acid in Your Diet

Avocados are made 70% of an omega fatty acid called oleic acid. This makes them a great source of this highly beneficial form of fat. Oleic acid helps with making sure your muscles are able to heal. It also helps make sure your heart is healthy. With avocados having so much oleic acid in them, adding avocado oil to salads or even cooking with it can give you an oleic boost.

Due to the high fat content of avocado oil, it has a much longer shelf life than other oils you have in your kitchen. This also means you can use it with high heat cooking while still maintaining its health benefits.

Allergies to avocado oil are rare but can occur in those who have a fruit or nut allergy. Some have reported an allergy to raw avocado but no reaction to the oil. If you suspect any allergic reaction while using avocados or avocado oil, consult a doctor right away.

2. Overall Heart Health

Avocado oil is famous for being anti-inflammatory. As you use the oil for cooking or add it to your favorite dish, yo help your body use healthy fats better. This helps your heart by reducing any inflammation around your arteries. As inflammation goes down, your heart is able to pump more easily and it grows stronger.

Healthy hearts are better protected against heart disease. You can take care of your heart now by eating foods like avocado oil that give your hear the nutrients it needs.

3. Better Digestion

Regular use of avocado oil in your diet over time will also reduce any inflammation in your digestive tract. This is not an overnight result. Users reported using avocado oil regularly for weeks before noticing an improvement in digestion related problems. Some mentioned an improvement in frequent heartburn as one of the benefits of avocado oil in their diet.

Using avocado oil just once or twice per week can help you experience this and other benefits.

4. Vitamin E

Avocados have a substantial amount of vitamin E in them. The oil made from avocados retains the vitamin E. For the best concentration of vitamin E, cold-pressed avocado oil is often used in meals as a dressing or a cooking oil in place of olive or vegetable oil.

Some use avocado oil topically on skin or hair to get the benefits of avocado oil in these areas.

5. Weight Loss Support

No supplement will magically melt off those extra pounds. However, one of the benefits of avocado oil is its ability to help you feel fuller for longer. This can help people who struggle with portion control or listening to their body’s hunger signals.

Once people learn to recognize they are full and don’t have to worry about feeling hungry in between meals, they are better able to lose weight following a healthy diet and exercise plan. You can use any form of avocado oil for this benefit, including cold-pressed.

6. Retain Skin’s Moisture

Vitamin E and potassium are both abundant in avocado oil. For this reason, using this oil on your skin allows these vitamins to absorb directly into any weak or dry skin areas on your body.

With regular use on your skin, the benefits of avocado oil include:

  • Faster healing;
  • Better moisture;
  • Stronger layers of new skin.

7. Healing Damaged or Itching Skin and Hair

Another benefit of avocado oil used on the skin directly is soothing of itchy or damaged areas of skin. The oil takes a while to fully absorb into your skin. This relieves itching or burning more effectively than thinner oils that soak in right away. You can even use it on sunburn to help your skin heal. Also, you will sooth discomfort while the oil slowly absorbs into your skin.

Applying small amounts of avocado oil to your scalp is also beneficial for helping rejuvenate damaged hair. Rubbing the oil gently along your hairline can help with any thinning by stimulating new hair growth.

8. Helps Absorb Other Nutrients

Using avocado oil in your diet regularly helps your body take in other nutrients from the food you eat and use them more efficiently. For example, using avocado oil as a dressing in a salad helps your body take in the nutrients from the rest of the vegetables you are eating.

Wrapping Up

There are many benefits of avocado oil that you can experience through cooking or skin application. With so many ways to use it, avocado oil makes a great staple for any household. Its long shelf life means your family can use this product for years to come without worrying about spoiled taste or expiration.

If you have used avocado oil, we would love to hear from you! Did you experience the benefits of avocado oil listed above? Do you have a new use not discussed in this article? Let us know via Facebook or email.


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