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May 30, 2011

Anti Aging Vitamins For Dark Circles Around The Eye

Anti Aging Vitamins and dark circles around eyes
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Effects of Anti Aging Vitamins Inside and Out

The dreaded effects of aging can be felt internally in the form of diseases related to aging, the drop in energy level and the general weakening of the immune system, muscles, bones and the entire body. Externally, the most common signs of aging are wrinkling, sagging, lines of the skin, hair loss and tooth loss.

Dark circles around the eyes do not only make you look stressed, exhausted and a kin to the raccoon, but they also add ten years to your age. Not exactly what a women want to see. These nasty bluish rings can be the result of the thinning of the skin and fat padding beneath the eyes due to aging making blood vessels more visible.

Other causes include heredity, sun exposure, hormones, allergies, lack of sleep, a sign of a kidney problem, or the leaking of capillaries around the eyes. One way to address this concern is by taking certain anti aging vitamins that help to make these circles disappear. Let’s us see what vitamins are the best for dealing with those nasty dark circles around the eyes.

Anti Aging Vitamins To Make Dark Circles Around The Eyes Disappear

Vitamin K

Researchers are convinced that this anti aging vitamin makes dark circles around the eyes disappear by helping in constricting the capillaries and in dispersing the minute blood clots that form the circles. Although it is not the ultimate dark circles eradicator, it plays a significant part in your treatment program.

Little amounts of vitamin K can be produced endogenously in your body, but your body can benefit from additional sources such as from supplements, as a component of your multi-vitamin, as a component of topical creams or from the food you eat. Broccoli, kale, lettuce, spinach and non-hydrogenated vegetable oils are teeming with this vitamin.

Vitamin K fights aging not just by helping to combat dark circles around the eyes, but it is also demonstrated to help old folks preserve bone strength.

If you are on a blood thinner like coumadin speak to your doctor first before taking vitamin K as vitamin K could interfere with coumadin’s blood thinning action.

Vitamin A

Taking vitamin A can help reduce the said dark circles around the eyes. Besides this benefit, this antioxidant can also help you to look young by neutralizing the harmful effects of oxidation brought about by free radicals that are deemed to be the leading trigger of diseases and degeneration linked to aging. As a topical solution (retinol creams), it helps erase the traces of sun damage and skin aging by exfoliating and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Taking the right amount of vitamin A can help in maintaining general health of your bones by counteracting the effects of osteoporosis that goes with aging. It is crucial to take the right dose because overdosing can result in bone brittleness and osteoporosis. Hence, seek the advice of your physician before taking this vitamin.

Anti aging vitamins cannot ultimately put the breaks on the process of aging; however, including these in your diet or as a supplement can help to delay the unwelcome process and extend your good health and young looks even in the autumn of your life.

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