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September 24, 2012

Anti Aging Clinics: An Overview

Anti aging clinics and medicine


Anti Aging Clinics

Everywhere you go nowadays you see something about “anti-aging”. You wonder if it’s possible to really become younger. Well, the truth is you are going to age, and you are going to die.  But…. there’s no reason you cannot age youthfully and energetically, and that’s what anti-aging medicine is all about.  Some doctors prefer to use the term “age management” as opposed to “anti-aging”.  Some refer to longevity medicine. But, you get the concept.

More and more doctors are entering the field of Anti-Aging Medicine, which has become the fastest growing field in medicine.  There are now Anti Aging Clinics throughout the country.

Listings of physicians and medical practices in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine and Age Management Medicine can be found at www.worldheath.net, the official website of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Our directory here on AntiAgingWorld is under construction.

Cenegenics Medical Institute and BodyLogicMD are two national companies specializing in Anti-Aging and Age Management and have clinics throughout the United States.  More information about their practices can be found at www.cenegenics.com and www.bodylogicmd.com.

Scope of Services

The range of services that Anti-Aging Clinics and Age Management Practices provide varies from practice to practice.  Most provide exercise and nutritional support and counseling, and address hormonal deficiencies or imbalances that contribute to the aging process.

Some Anti-Aging Clinics focus exclusively on skin rejuvenation treatments for aging skin providing a number of treatment options including injections and fillers to treat wrinkles and newer technologies like laser and radiofrequency to improve the appearance of skin.

Stem cell technology is coming to the forefront and some Anti-Aging Clinics and Age Management practices will arrange to have your stem cells stored for future use if needed.  Typically there is a set-up fee and either annual or monthly program fee related to the storing of stem cells. Stem cell treatments are currently being used to treat heart failure, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease, and in the management of stroke.

Spa services are provided at some anti-aging clinics for those who enjoy being pampered.

Costs of Anti-Aging/Age Management ProgramAnti Aging Clinics: An Overview

The cost of anti-aging and age management programs can vary significantly.  Many clinics and practices do not accept insurance, and insurance will not pay for some services that these clinics and physicians provide.

Some clinics and physicians charge per visit or procedure, while others require a monthly program fee that covers the cost for professional services and laboratory tests.  The costs for hormones, other prescribed medications, and nutritional supplements are typically paid out of pocket by the patient as well.

The costs for professional services, laboratory and diagnostic testing, hormone and medication prescriptions, nutritional supplements, and exercise and nutrition counseling can range from a few thousand dollars to over $10,000 per year.

Anti Aging Clinics: Where to Find Them

Anti-aging clinics can now be found in nearly every metropolitan area.  If you live in places like Manhattan, Florida, Arizona, or Southern California (Los Angeles and San Diego) you will have no problem finding a clinic that fits your needs. But, the rest of you might have to search a little harder.

What to Look For in a Doctor

It’s vital to find a doctor who is trained in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine/Age Management.  The core foundations of Anti-Aging Medicine; exercise, nutrition, and hormone optimization are poorly taught in medical school and residency training programs, so it’s essential that doctors seek additional training in these areas.

At this time Anti-Aging Medicine is not a recognized specialty by the American Board of Medical Specialities, though there are certification programs out there for physicians so you will want to inquire about that. But, probably the most important issue is finding a doctor who listens to you, has your best interest in mind, and is willing to work with you to establish your health goals and maps out a realistic plan to help you get there.  In Anti-Aging Medicine the doctor-patient relationship is really a partnership with both contributing to reach the desired outcome.  Best wishes!

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Dr. Joe Jacko

Dr. Joe is board certified in internal medicine and sports medicine with additional training in hormone replacement therapy and regenerative medicine. He has trained or practiced at leading institutions including the Hughston Clinic, Cooper Clinic, Steadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas, and Cenegenics. He currently practices in Columbus, Ohio at Grandview Primary Care. Read more about Dr. Joe Jacko

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