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May 9, 2011

5 Natural Anti Aging Secrets That Give Results

Natural Anti Aging and Reflexology
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Natural Anti Aging Techniques

Maintaining youth requires a long-term investment in observing proper diet, regular exercise and other wholesome routine that constitute a healthy lifestyle.

However, there are days when you could use a fairy godmother who can magically erase the signs of aging and bring back that youthful luster to prep you for a big day ahead or an important night out.

If your fairy good mother have never shown up in your life, fret not (for fretting adds to wrinkles). There are several natural anti aging secrets you can use without needing the fairy’s wand. Many natural anti aging remedies are inexpensive, too. These are discussed below:

8 Natural Anti Aging Tricks (Remedies)

1. Soothe Eyes With Some “Refreshments”. The eyes are said to be the windows of our soul. But physically, they can also be a dead giveaway to age or even make you look older when they start to appear puffy. To instantly rid this problem, you can put a cold tea bag, a chilled cucumber or a slice of potato, or even a teaspoon that has been refrigerated overnight. Puffiness is reduced in just 10 to 15 minutes, then you are ready to look life in the eye.

2. Keep Head Up. Another way to reduce eye puffiness is to put extra pillow to support your head just before rising from bed. By doing this, you allow gravity to drain fluid around the eyes, preventing it from pooling around your peepers, causing puffiness.

3. Foot Rubs. Relieve stress by rubbing your feet. There are several “buttons” on your feet that you can push to minimize stress. To do this, reflexologists push down the solar plexus point of the foot using their thumb. You can do this yourself by simply locating the spot just under the ball of your foot, then push it down for a minute and do the same on your other foot.

4. Work Hand in Glove With Natural Softeners. Your hands are another parts of the body that can reveal your age. To put new life into them, apply a liberal amount of canola oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil before you go to bed. Then put on cotton gloves or even socks and leave them on overnight. With old blocking your skin, moisture is prevented from evaporating. Do this and you will wake up with soft, smooth hands like those of a baby.

5. Move With Poise. Moving gracefully helps to give you a young appearance. Regardless of your physique, hair or make up, you will look old if you move awkwardly. Whether it is caused by a sports injury or carrying a heavy bag or briefcase everyday, a poor carriage can be improved through gentle exercises that can address posture problems such as limping and slouching. Devoting one hour of these exercises will instantly give you positive improvements.

6. Love, Love, Love! The elation of people in love is often radiated in a certain glow. Don’t worry, I will not recommend that you look for a lover or reunite with an old flame, but you can  recreate this sensation and shine by conjuring up memories of love. For 20 minutes, sit comfortably in a peaceful nook, close your eyes and go down the happy memory lane of love.

Recall a happy moment with a loving chum, pet, your mom or dad or a child. For better concentration, deeply inhale through the nose through four counts and exhale through the mouth through eight counts. Playing songs that evoke these loving memories may also help. When you become good on this meditation exercise, you can easily evoke this glow of love, helping you to look young. You can also simply love the people around you at the moment to create that glow.

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You need not spend an arm and a leg on an surgical procedure to look young; there are inexpensive natural anti aging techniques that can instantly do the trick.


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