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April 19, 2011

Top 3 Categories of Anti Aging Systems According To Effects

Anti aging systems and old woman exercising
Image by Glen Scott via Flickr

Anti Aging Systems By The Truckload

Before, old people spend their twilight years knitting or crocheting, playing chess and other board games, watching TV in a nursing home and doing other less strenuous activities. Today, however, you can see people in their 50’s, 60’s, even in their 70’s, trying adventurous hobbies such as mountain climbing, skiing, skydiving and many others.

Some people in their 70’s opt to continue with their careers and are surprisingly still mentally sharp. If you look around, many senior citizens now are not as wrinkled, hoary and feeble as before. Most likely, they are able to maintain a younger look and are able to engage in daredevil pursuits with the help of anti aging systems.

Effects Of Anti Aging Systems

Anti aging systems are a mixed bag of cosmetic products, exercise programs, diet plans, surgical procedures and sundry other techniques. Organizing them according to their general age-defying effects may help in deciding which anti aging techniques to adopt.

Skin-deep Anti Aging Systems

Age defying cosmetics, eye and facial creams, lotions, toners and various other topical anti aging systems inundate the stay-young market. By simply applying them on your skin at home, they guarantee to help you get rid or prevent wrinkles, lines, eye bags, age-related spots, sagging, cellulite and other signs of aging. Some are true to their promise, while many others fail.

There are also superficial procedures that are done in cosmetic and dermatological clinics that help to maintain a youthful look, such as anti aging facials, skin peeling and exfoliation, among others. While other anti aging procedures go a little deeper into the skin, such as Botox and Collagen injections.

Lastly, another set of anti aging systems that can give you a young appearance is cosmetic surgery. This includes face lifts, eyelids lift, neck lift, endoscopic face lift and other lifts on certain parts of the face to eliminate wrinkles and sagging or to enhance certain parts. These superficial anti aging systems all aim to give you a younger appearance but they do not have any anti aging effect internally.

Anti Aging Systems That Take Effect Deep Within

On the other end of the anti aging systems spectrum are techniques and treatments that do not necessarily make you look young, but they promise to thwart aging by bringing back youthful strength and vigor. They range from the innocuous massages to the uncharted hypnotism. A number of anti aging doctors employ hypnotism to cultivate a young mindset in order to restore youthful strength.

Some of the most common anti aging systems that are said to work deep within are supplements of vitamins and antioxidants, hormone replacement therapy to combat the symptoms of menopause and andropause and prescription medicines that help fight age-related diseases.

Anti Aging Systems That Work Inside and Out

Under this classification of anti aging systems are  relatively less costly and easy to do methods to fight aging. By just observing a diet rich in antioxidants and other anti aging nutrients can help in countering the toxic effects of free radicals. Complement this anti aging diet with regular exercise to stimulate healthy blood circulation and keep bones, muscles and joints fit and strong. Lifting weights and toning exercises such as yoga can ward off skin sagging.

Breathing and relaxation techniques can also help bust stress that can hasten the aging process. It helps you to become less tense. This calming effect will hopefully radiate in your countenance.  The controversial human growth hormone therapy is said to restore youthful appearance, boost strength and revive libido. However, many contest its use in resisting aging.

Incorporate anti aging systems with varied effects to your regimen to get an extensive coverage: a diet rich in antioxidants and anti-aging nutrients, an exercise plan to perk energy levels, some skin products to take care of your outward appearance, and perhaps some invasive procedures when you feel it is necessary.

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