June 8, 2011

Quick Way To Lose Weight

quick way to lose weight
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Quick Way To Lose Weight – Your Ticket To Bare It, Show It Come Summer

Are you looking for simple but effective strategies to peel off weight?

Svelte figure or not, the season for shorts, tank tops and bikinis will soon burst in in a matter of days. You have several options on how to deal with a body that is not ready to bare and show: hide from the sun and miss all the fun; awkwardly don a figure hiding outfit, go on a hunger strike until your body concedes its excess weight; or follow a quick way to lose weight.

Quick Way To Lose Weight – Choose Your Own Adventure

As you may already know, losing weight varies from one body to another. What works for one may be abortive for another. So rather than recommending a universal weight loss regimen, this post dishes out a buffet of weight loss tricks and we leave it all up to you to help yourself with one or a few tips that appeal to you and which you think may work for you. Giving you the liberty to choose your own weight loss plan that will match your lifestyle will more likely make you keep at it. As with balancing a healthy diet, remember to combine a good diet plan with a sound exercise regimen that appeals to you.

Your Buffet of Quick Ways To Lose Weight

Diet Tricks

Water Down Your Appetite and Excess Weight. There’s nothing like water when it comes to shrugging off the extra fats. It does not just suppress your appetite, it also contains no calories and carbohydrates with minimal sodium. It helps speed up your metabolism and paradoxically helps to address water retention that adds to the pounds. It also helps sluice out toxins from your body. So ditch the fruit smoothie, soda, light beer or sports drinks as these have calories and some may substantially contain sodium and carbohydrates which can lead to water retention, making you balloon up.

Get a Caffeine Fix Before Hitting The Gym. Although we are banging the drum for water as your main drink, consider also coffee as your pre-workout beverage. As long as you stay out of sugar and cream, coffee can benefit your exercise. Getting that caffeine dose an hour before you exercise allows you to bend over backwards without your body feeling the extra exertion. As a result, you get to burn more calories.

Remove Pasta and White Bread From Your Menu. The simple carbohydrates in white bread, white rice and pasta can lead to bloating particularly around your middle section. Because they are digested fast, it can cause you to feel hungry faster giving you the tendency to overeat. You may substitute these with whole grain bread products. However, whole grain bread products can also cause bloating. So better substitutes would be vegetables which contain complex carbohydrates that take more time to digest, hence, keeping you full longer. They also contain water that helps to address water retention.

Exercise Tricks

Pump Up Your Heart Rate. The exertion required in a half-hour cardio kickboxing, spinning or boot-camp workouts makes your heart race hence allowing your body to burn calories. Heart-pumping exercises also strengthen your core and tone your muscles, helping you get ready for that summer vacation at the beach.

Sign Up For A Dance Class. You may be one of those people who see many forms of workout as, well, work and you find yourself procrastinating because they seem onerous. Why not cloak workout into something that is of interest and fun to you like a dance class. Dancing, especially fast dances, can help you to burn fats. Enrol in a class to make it more fun and so that the interaction will help you to push even more. Your fun exercise does not have to be a dance class; choose whatever that interests you.

Adhere to a quick way to lose weight trick or two and when the Summer sun shines, you can be ready to strut your stuff sans the awkward clothing and starvation.

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