May 1, 2012

Kettlebell Beginner Workout

Kettlebell Beginner WorkoutStart with this Kettlebell Beginner Workout

Kettlebell training provides several fitness benefits as it combines cardio and strength training. For those of you new to kettlebells this kettlebell beginner workout is a good place to start.

Kettlebells are weights in the shape of small bowling balls with a handle and are usually made of cast-iron. They come in different weights and are a form of resistance training.

Kettlebell training is a form of functional and whole-body training. Functional training is training muscles they way are used to perform daily tasks. Many individuals incorporate kettlebell training into their work-outs for variety and break up the monotony of typical resistance or cardio training. Core muscles are activated or engaged in almost every kettlebell exercise you can think of.  Core muscles are those of the abdomen, lower back, and gluteals that help maintain posture and stability of movement.

Also, kettlebell training involves movements of multiple muscles and joints at once providing for a terrific whole body work-out in a short period of time. Since many muscle groups are being exercised at once kettlebell training stimulates metabolism better than resistance training that targets one specific muscle group.

Unlike dumbbells the weight of a kettlebell is off-centered because of the positioning of the handle. Therefore, it takes more stability to control the kettlebell, thus activating more stabilizing muscles throughout the exercise.

Like any other exercise it’s essential that proper form be used while training with kettlebells.  Below is one of many videos on kettlebell training found on YouTube. I picked this one because of the emphasis on proper form, and the fact that each exercise was performed with multiple reps to demonstrate the proper way to do the exercise. Plus, it does not have any head-banging music, and it’s hard to be the ocean backdrop. Watch the videos below.

If you work-out at a gym get one of the personal trainers to work with you unti you feel comfortable that you can do the exercises with proper form. Though the videos focused on toning for women, kettlebell training is great routine for men to add to their workouts, too.

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