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July 28, 2011

Do Anti Aging Face Creams and Products Really Work?

anti aging face creams and products
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Ditch Your Anti Aging Face Creams!

A study conducted by British researchers suggest that you ditch anti aging face creams and products since they bring about minimal to no effect. Instead, get a better bang for your buck by buying and consuming healthy foods at the right amounts and by exercising.

Even if antioxidants are the main components of many anti aging face products, they only produce little effect. Dr. David Gems of the University College London expresses that what is crucial is the consumption of antioxidants, rather than the antioxidant content in food.

The Study That Discredited Anti Aging Face Creams

The research involved engineering worms to produce less enzyme that helps in sponging up the potential damage brought about by free radicals. This enzyme that they naturally produce serves as the equivalent of antioxidants. If the classic theory, is correct, the worms would face more attack than what is normal and is expected to die earlier. However, the lifespan of the worms in the study was not affected, although they were weaker than the normal worms. Comparable trials in the US involving mice led to the same conclusion.

Are Anti Aging Face Creams Worth Buying?

This, therefore, poked holes on the classic Free Radical Theory, or the belief that our tissues and cell are subject to free radicals or harmful oxygen molecules created when food is changed into energy. To deal with this, antioxidants like Vitamins C and are recommended to contain the extent of damage. But with the new study, this means that the multitude of people taking vitamin supplements and applying antioxidant-containing anti aging face creams to derail aging are just wasting their money.

If Anti Aging Face Creams Don’t Work, What Will?

Eat ample amounts of healthy foods, exercise, and apply sunblock are three recommendations of the researcher. He still believes that antioxidants still do have some part in shielding the body against aging, although various other compounds may also have their roles to play. You can still make use of green tea, a good source of antioxidants, as it contains compounds that can help in combating not just free radicals but other threats, as well.

Some anti aging specialists argue that this study is not enough to conclusively declare free radicals have no hand in the process of aging. They conjecture that they may cause damage to some parts of the body while benefiting other parts. The two opposing effects lead to counter balancing. They believe that aging may be caused by a number of factors, and free radicals are just one of them.

What’s important to recognize is that a comprehensive approach is necessary to better manage aging. This includes better nutrition, regular exercise, and we believe optimization of hormone levels.  Don’t rely simply on anti-aging products (creams or lotions) to mask the signs of aging.

With this study challenging the Free Radical Theory and the efficacy of anti aging face products, the scientific arena is open for new or further research to investigate new paths in the study of aging.

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