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October 20, 2011

Antiaging: Top Four Secrets: Part II

Want to know the four secrets of antiaging?Antiaging Secrets

In part I we revealed the four secrets to antiaging.

1) Methylation: Controls good and bad genes, lack of methylation associated with short telomeres and many diseases. Abnormal methylation associated with numerous diseases and cancer.

2) Glycation: Attachment of a sugar molecule to other molecules, damaging that molecule.

3) Inflammation: The root of many disease processes but normally a part of the immune system.

4) Oxidation: The process of creating free radicals that starts the inflammatory process.

Now we need to know the best ways to control these and not let them get out of control leading to problems and diseases. I will discuss the best ways you can get control of each of these killers, thereby increasing your quality and quantity of life.

AntiaAing and Inflammation

Controlling inflammation is easier to do than once thought. Reducing inflammation can be done through exercise, better sleep, consumption of fish or fish oil, vegetables and fruits in conjunction with a Paleolithic diet. There are numerous supplements that decrease inflammation including but not limited to fish oil and Co Q 10. These when taken on a routine basis have been shown to markedly decrease  inflammation. The last step is either reducing stress or improving ones response to stressful  situations.

AntiAging and Glycation

Avoid simple carbohydrates, sugar and food browned by high temperature cooking which leads to carmelization. Many prepackaged foods are high in sugar and fast foods are cooked at high temperature and are extremely unhealthy leading to glycation. Remember that the glycemic index is our friend and that we be aware of hidden sugars. Smoothies have become a very popular health food but when using a blending process you can turn a complex carbohydrate into a simple carbohydrate with resulting spikes in blood sugar and glycation.

AntiAging and Methylation

We can measure abnormal methylation by checking homocysteine levels. Homocysteine accumulates to high levels with abnormal methylation and leads to many diseases that we associate with aging. You can also improve your methylation with Vitamin B and by eating a low glycemic diet high in fruits and vegetables.

AntiAging and Oxidation

There are numerous ways to decrease oxidation in our bodies, the simplest is to increase our consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Plants protect themselves from free radicals with phyto-nutrients but since we don’t utilize photosynthesis they are not naturally occurring in our bodies and we must consume them as fruits and vegatables or as supplements. The most common phyto-nutrients are vitamin E and C. Other supplements shown to be extremely helpful are CoQ10, L-carnosine, glutathione and the super anti-oxidant alpha lipoic acid.

Clean Living

The recurring theme is a paleolithic diet with consumption of fruits and vegetables that are low glycemic combined with an exercise program that incorporates high intensity interval training along with resistance training. Combine it all with a tincture of a sound nights sleep and a decrease in stress and your off to the races. One more suggestion due to the fact that our food sources are not what they used to be (soil depletion, picking of product early) we suggest you supplement with the above products. It is extremely important to remember that all supplements are not created equally. The one from the big chain may have sugar or filler and no supplement. The best way is to research the supplement or to use a compounded product.

Get to work on these top 4 antiaging secrets.

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