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July 13, 2011

Anti Aging Products And Tips To Prevent Crow’s Feet

anti ageing products and crow's feet
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Anti Aging Products for Crow’s Feet

Although these lines are said to be an indication of a good life, crow’s feet around your eyes can add more years to your true age. They usually appear when you reach your 30’s. If you want to maintain your youthful appearance, consider the following anti ageing products and tips discussed below.

Tips To Prevent Crow’s Feet

See An Eye Doctor Besides A Dermatologist. Do not wait for crow’s feet to start appearing around your eyes. Once you reach your 30’s, make it a point to proactively initiate measures to stave off wrinkles. Before spending on various anti ageing products or heading to your dermatologist, consider having your eyes checked by an opthalmologist. You may have vision problems that may cause you to squint. Squinting often can etch crow’s feet even more. If you are already wearing prescription glasses, check if you need a stronger prescription.

Minimize The Use of Concealers and Powders. Hiding crow’s feet under thick concealer can make you look like a raccoon. Get the best out of your concealer by properly using it. Put on just a few dabs of concealer and pat it in using your ring finger. For a more even distribution, consider using a brush. Do not apply powder around the eyes since it is inclined to perch into the creases.

Anti Ageing Products To Prevent Wrinkles

Sunscreen. Sun exposure is a big factor in the development or wrinkles, hence, anti aging products with sun protective components can help stave of crow’s feet. If wrinkles are in your genes, the more you should be conscious in observing measures to delay the formation of wrinkles, such as avoiding the sun. You must make it a routine to apply sunscreen daily even on a not so sunny day.

Botox. Although still controversial, Botox is highly recommended to address crow’s feet and wrinly lips by skin care specialists. It effectively makes wrinkles disappear by relaxing the lines. Injectable fillers can susbtitute Botox if the latter is not sufficient to bring the desired results.

Retinoids. Retinoids or Vitamin A is the one anti ageing product that has proven track record in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. If there is such a thing as a miracle cream, then this could be it. Besides Retin-A, the pioneer retinoid, there has been many brands that cropped up, such as Differin, Tazorac and Renova. You can also opt for Vitamin A treatments with low dose, which you can buy over the counter. You can include retinoids in your daily or weekly beauty regimen.

Chemical Peels. Another way to rid of wrinkles is by removing bands of dead skin cells to give way to fresh and moist skin. You can ask a skin care specialist to do the treatment for you. You can also opt for the milder micro-dermabrasion anti ageing products which you can purchase over the counter.

Along with using anti ageing products to ward off crow’s feet, take preventive measures, such as avoiding the sun and squinting. When using anti ageing products, see to it that you seek the advice of a dermatologist before using anything that can be harsh to the skin.

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