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May 31, 2022

13 Famous Celebrities with Klinefelter Syndrome

Famous People with Klinefelter Syndrome

celebrities with Klinefelter syndrome
Artwork courtesy of Pixabay

Klinefelter syndrome is a non-inherited genetic disorder that affects one in 500 to one in 1,000 males. Thus, it is likely you know someone who has Klinefelter syndrome but may not know it. In fact, several celebrities and other famous people have Klinefelter syndrome or are felt to have had it.

Men with Klinefelter have an extra X chromosome which contributes to infertility in men. Physical and even cognitive development can be hindered in those with Klinefelter syndrome. Some studies indicate that Klinefelter syndrome may reduce life expectancy by two years.

Since individuals with Klinefelter syndrome have a Y chromosome they are considered males. But the extra X chromosome does provide for some feminine features like breast enlargement and wider hips than the typical male. Thus, some with Klinefelter syndrome have transitioned and have had gender reassignment surgery and live life as females.

Celebrities with Klinefelter Syndrome

Today we will look at famous people and celebrities with Klinefelter syndrome or who are/were felt to have Klinefelter syndrome.  Please note that most of these celebrities have not admitted publicly that they have Klinefelter syndromes. The names of some of these individuals you may not recognize as some on the list do not live in the United States – but they are still famous. This list includes:

  1. Tom Cruise

  2. George Washington

  3. Jamie Lee Curtis

  4. Renee Richards

  5. Lili Elbe

  6. Lauren Foster

  7. King Tutankhamen

  8. Adele Markham

  9. Caroline Cossey

  10. Brooke Moore

  11. Janet Mock

  12. Caster Semenya

  13. Veronique Francoise Caroline Renard

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise may be the most recognizable name on this list even more recognizable than George Washington (given the poor knowledge of the history of most Americans). Though not definitely confirmed as having Klinefelter syndrome, Mr. Cruise has several features to suggest it. His three children are not his biological children. Klinefelter syndrome is the most common cause of non-obstructive infertility in males.

Also, his wide hips and rounded body type are typical of Klinefelter syndrome. The extra X chromosome can be associated with cognitive and language deficits of varying severity. Mr. Cruise reports himself as “functionally illiterate” and was diagnosed with dyslexia at age seven and difficulty with concentration and reportedly memorizes his acting lines by listening to them on audiotape.

George Washington

The first president of the United States may have had Klinefelter syndrome. He was infertile and his two children were adopted. Many with Klinefelter syndrome are taller than average (unlike Tom Cruise) and his overall body shape and appearance are consistent with Klinefelter syndrome.  The condition we now called “Klinefelter syndrome” did not exist in George Washingtons’ day and was not described until 1940-41.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Reports suggest that Jamie Lee Curtis was born with dual sex or intersex condition. But, others believe she has Klinefelter syndrome and is rumored to have had sex reassignment surgery and obviously lives life as a female.

Renee Richards

Born Richard Raskin, Renee Richards is an ophthalmologist and former professional tennis player who underwent male to female sex reassignment surgery in 1976 and is the only person to compete in the US Tennis Open as both a male and female. Born as a Jewish man he served as Yale’s men’s tennis team captain and was a Navy officer before having sex reassignment surgery.

Lili Albe

Lili Albe was born a male in 1882 with the given name of Einar Magnus Andreas Wegener. Of Danish descent, Einar was a post-impressionist landscape, still life, and portrait painter.  He marries a lesbian painter in 1904. He later started dressing as a female going by the name of Lili.  Lili became the first person in the world to have sex reassignment surgery in the 1930s initially having testicles removed initially then having an ovary implanted and having the penis removed.  Then in 1931 had a uterus transplant and vaginoplasty. The transplant was rejected by her body and she died of cardiac arrest after three months. This was in 1931.

Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster was born a boy in 1957 and diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome at the age of 4.  She started taking estrogen hormones at age 17 and then underwent gender reassignment surgery a year later. She is a South African model.

King Tutankhamen

King Tutankhamen is felt to have had Klinefelter syndrome. He served as Pharaoh of Egypt from 1332 BC to 1323 BC. When his tomb was open it was discovered that he had breasts similar in size to a young teenage girl. He was also childless and given support for the possibility of having Klinefelter syndrome

Adele Markham

Adele lived life for 28 years as Matthew. She was told at an early age that she was intersex and was identified with Klinefelter syndrome. She took hormones initially to become more male. She found herself attracted to men and liked playing with girls. She lived as a gay man at age of 16. Eventually, she underwent gender reassignment surgery.

Caroline Cossey

Also, known as Tula, Caroline Cossey was born a boy with the name Barry Kenneth Cossey. She was born with two additional X chromosomes (XXXY). This made her (him) look more feminine than other Klinefelter individuals. Most with Klinefelter have one extra X chromosome. She started taking estrogen at age 17 and underwent gender reassignment surgery and changed her name to Caroline. As Tula, she debuted in the James Bond film, For Your Eyes Onlyin 1981.

Brooke Moore

Formerly known as Bradley, Brooke Moore was born a male and attended an all-boys school. She started to develop breasts at age 13 and was discovered to have Klinefelter syndrome. She also lacked facial hair.

Janet Mock

Janet Mock is a TV producer, director, and writer. Born as a male, she had many features suggestive of Klinefelter syndrome. She had gender reassignment surgery and is a transgender rights activist. She wrote a book, Redefining Truth, and is the editor of Marie Claire and previous editor of People magazine. She has declined to comment about rumors related to Klinefelter syndrome.

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya is a South African middle-distance runner who won a gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games. Her face looks more male-like while having breasts consistent with Klinefelter syndrome. She also won a gold medal in the 800 meters in 2009 during the World Championships held in Berlin setting a world record. It was then that many questioned her sexuality.

Veronique Francoise Caroline Renard

Veronique Francoise Caroline Renard is a Dutch author and graphic designer. She is also known as Pantau, a name she adopted after meeting the Dalai Lama. The name means “to be helpful” or “beneficial”. She was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome at an early age. At age 17 she underwent gender reassignment surgery in 1982. She has hips and height characteristics of Klinefelter syndrome.

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